Introducing Songrow Epaqmat Product Line - Plants Grown on Mats

Dec 13 2017 2 Comments announcement plants video

Introducing Songrow Epaqmat Product Line - Plants Grown on Mats

Have you ever wanted to create a beautiful fern wall in your aquarium? Buceplant is proud to present Dutch company Songrow's innovative Epaqmat line of products!

Epaqmat is a new way of creating instant aquascapes. Epaqmats allow the user to create instant plant walls and foregrounds because they are grown on a felt like material. All you have to do is attach the suction cups included in each Epaqmat to the glass of your aquarium! Super easy, super fun, and did I mention it's super easy?

Buceplant now carries 7 different types of Epaqmats including anubias nana, mini bolbitis, java fern trident (2 sizes), java fern windelov mini (2 sizes), and java fern narrow leaf. These are huge portions of beautifully grown plants on a cloth like material with suction cup clips to easily attach to any aquarium.


  • Are these available in the United States, particularly in Texas?

    DG Itschner on
  • I couldn’t figure out prices and discounts you ship to the USA?

    Erin Glackin on

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