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How to Keep an Aquarium Next to a Window Algae Free!

Nov 29 2019 5 Comments algae beginner fertilizer guest blog guide maintenance tips

Sometimes the perfect space for an aquarium is near a window, or in a bright, sunny spot. Unfortunately, the idea that sunlight causes algae, scares many hobbyists into keeping their tanks in darkened rooms. In reality, it is perfectly possible, even preferable, to keep your tank in a bright, cheery, sun-filled environment, with no algae problems. All you have to do is avoid three common pitfalls that can lead to trouble. Here is a quick guide to keeping your aquarium bright and clean, even if it is situated right next to a window. As I tell people all the time,...

Advice on Algae in the Planted Aquarium

Apr 24 2018 2 Comments algae guest blog tips

Guest blogger: Chris (IG @shrimpery) Shrimpery Blog Entry 2: Advice on Algae in the Planted Aquarium  Algae can be a major challenge for planted aquarium hobbyists. On my instagram account @shrimpery, I get asked about algae at least once a day. Whether you struggle with algae breakouts or algae is simply an occasional annoyance, I hope this entry will help you get algae under control once and for all. There are many competing folk theories on algae management. A quick review of planted aquarium forums will reveal heated arguments that, at best, often amount to pseudoscientific posturing. To understand what actually...

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Algae in a Fishtank

Mar 06 2017 4 Comments algae beginner fertilizer fish maintenance shrimp snail tips

  One of the greatest concerns of all aquatic plant enthusiasts is algae prevention. Once algae get a foothold in a planted aquarium it can be hard to bring it under control. We’ll take a look at the different kinds of algae that make trouble in planted tanks, what stimulates their growth and how to keep algae under control. But first let’s compare aquatic plants to algae so we can understand the similarities and differences. Plants vs. Algae It is important to understand that aquatic plants and algae both need light and nutrients to survive. When you see a beautiful...