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Interzoo 2016 - Nuremberg, Germany

Jun 02 2016 3 Comments announcement Aquascapes

Our team was blessed with the opportunity to visit Interzoo 2016 this year in Nuremberg, Germany. Interzoo is a pet supply show that happens once every two years and it’s the one that all the big boys come to show off their best and brightest products. Everything from doggie treats to cat toys to aquarium goods, only the top companies make it to show. Unfortunately, we were unable to exhibit our great bucephalandra collection due to a time crunch, but we did get some snap shots of the best aquascapes that Europe had to offer. And boy did they bring...

Orange County Family Pet Expo 2016

Apr 27 2016 0 Comments announcement

We are proud to announce our sponsorship of Southern California's best planted aquarium clubs. The Southern California Aquatic Plant Enthusiast club (SCAPE) is an organization that we've been associated with for several years now. SCAPE is the perfect forum for local aquarium addicts to share knowledge, trade livestock or hock old equipment. Whether you're a beginner or a green thumb guru, local fish clubs are a great way to meet people who are as obsessed with the hobby as you are. We were honored to support their booth by displaying three of our own Bucephalandra inspired tanks. America's Family Pet Expo is one of the largest pet shows in...