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All About Anubias Aquarium Plants

Jul 30 2021 1 Comment anubias beginner guide low tech plant profile plants

All About Anubias Aquarium Plants Written by: Tammy (@aquarist_tl)    If you’ve never kept aquarium plants before and you're looking to start your first planted fish tank, Anubias is an excellent choice for a starter plant! It's also a favorite plant to the most experienced aquascapers because of its versatility. Anubias is a popular plant for planted fish tanks due to its hardiness, easy care, and ability to thrive in different environments. In this article, we will give an overview of Anubias and its many varieties, its advantages against other aquatic flora, and popular types that you may encounter. Plant Profile -...

How to Plant Epiphyte Aquatic Plants

Apr 30 2021 2 Comments anubias beginner bucephalandra guide low tech paludarium plant profile plants terrarium tips

How to Plant Epiphyte Aquatic Plants Written by: Simon  Epiphytes are one of the most popular types of plants in the aquascaping hobby. Although, they can't be planted into substrate like your normal stem plants. Aquatic epiphytes are aquarium plants that naturally grow on the surface of other plants, rocks, and wood. In the wild these plants obtain their moisture and nutrients from the air, rain, and surrounding debris. Epiphytes commonly grow from a rhizome, a modified stem that grows horizontally, producing both leaves and roots. The roots are used to firming attach and anchor the plant to whatever surface they are...

Top 5 Aquarium Plants for Your Breeding Tank

Mar 05 2021 2 Comments anubias beginner fish guide plants shrimp tips

Top 5 Aquarium Plants for Your Breeding Tank  Written by: Tammy (@aquarist_tl)   When it comes to tanks set up specifically for breeding, they will look a lot different than the typical aquascaped display aquariums that many aquarists strive for. Some may even have nothing but the fish themselves! This is largely because one of the goals for the design of breedings tanks is to be as easy to maintain as possible. It is much easier to keep a bare-bottom, mostly empty aquarium clean because you can see all the detritus that needs to be removed. In a tank with substrate...

Easy Aquarium Plants for Beginners and Beyond

Sep 24 2019 1 Comment anubias beginner bucephalandra guest blog plants

There's a huge variety of freshwater aquatic plants to choose from, but you're probably wondering which plants are the best to start off with. Here are some beautiful aquarium plants that are easy to grow and look great among other plants.

Bonsai Driftwood Trees - How to Plant and Aquascape!

Jun 13 2018 2 Comments anubias Aquascapes beginner bucephalandra hardscape tips video

Bonsai Driftwood Trees - How to Plant and Aquascape! Team BP is proud to carry unique and natural bonsai trees! We want to briefly cover this exciting product and provide an overview for frequently asked questions about these underwater bonsai trees. Our Bonsai driftwood trees are made by hand from natural driftwood that is aquarium safe. Artisans create these underwater trees in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit almost all aquarium tanks. They’re versatile, easy to work with and are the perfect piece of hardscape material to create an instant aquascape layout. These underwater bonsai driftwood trees pair...