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Transitioning Aquatic Plants to Emersed Form - Wabi kusa

Feb 06 2020 1 Comment Aquascapes beginner guest blog guide layout/styles plants tips

  Most of the aquatic plants we use in the aquascaping hobby are not truly aquatic plants. In nature, you are more likely to find them along a shoreline, often in areas that have fluctuating water levels. Depending on what the situation requires, they are equally adept at surviving underwater or on dry land (ie, moist soil) indefinitely. This makes them different from obligate aquatic plants, which can only survive underwater (one example of a true aquatic is Blyxa). No one would blame you for thinking ‘emersed’ is a typo of ‘immersed,’ but the word immersed is actually another way...

Creating a Traditional Nature Aquarium Layout

Oct 29 2018 0 Comments Aquascapes beginner co2 fish guest blog hardscape high tech layout/styles plants shrimp tips

When you’re new to aquascaping and are looking to set up a new tank, it can be a bit difficult to know where to begin. Some of the most frequent questions I receive on my Instagram account @shrimpery run along the lines of: “what kind of CO2 setup do I need,” or “what kind of soil do you use?” Because I recently set up a new high tech aquarium in my UNS 60U aquarium, I figured that this would be a good opportunity to share my thought process during the setup, along with details about gear and materials used.

Thoughts on Hardscape in a Planted Aquarium

Aug 21 2018 1 Comment Aquascapes guest blog hardscape layout/styles tips

If you keep up with planted aquarium enthusiasts, you’ll often hear them mention hardscape. Traditionally, this means the rocks, driftwood, and occasionally gravel or cosmetic sand used in the front of an aquascape. Almost as important as the plants themselves, good hardscape can help make or break an aquarium. With that in mind, I wanted to share some personal thoughts and strategies towards achieving a successful hardscape selection and layout. I like to play around with my hardscape in an empty tank before scaping, choosing the strongest layout ahead of time, and snapping a cell phone pic for reference when...

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