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7 Tips to Make Your Aquascape Look Professional

Apr 02 2021 1 Comment aquarium Aquascapes beginner guest blog guide high tech layout/styles shrimpery tips

7 Tips to Make Your Aquascape Look Professional Written By: Chris (@shrimpery)   Do you ever see a photograph of an aquascape that looks objectively great while still feeling a bit… off? The key elements (healthy plants, clear water, thoughtful hardscape) are all there, but something is undeniably amiss, preventing the scape from reaching the next level. Here are some simple aquascaping tricks that can have a surprisingly large impact in terms of making your scape appear higher quality.   1. Keep your substrate very shallow at the front of the tank An unnecessarily thick line of substrate abutting the front...

Buce Buddies: Aquascaper Julio Casarez

Mar 04 2021 0 Comments Aquascapes buce buddies guest blog

Buce Buddies: Aquascaper Julio Casarez Here at Buce Plant, we appreciate the work of all our fellow aquascapers. Our community has grown significantly the past few years, and we want to take the time to highlight those who have turned the aquascaping hobby into a passion. We are excited to learn more about our aquascaping community, and we know you are too! This is why our team will be featuring talented aquascapers here on Buce Blog. Introducing our first featured Buce Buddy, Julio Casarez (@jc_planted). My name is Julio Casarez (@jc_planted). I am 29 years old and originally from San Antonio, Texas. I...

Top 5 Aquascaping Styles

Dec 22 2020 1 Comment aquarium Aquascapes beginner guest blog guide layout/styles shrimpery tips

Top 5 Aquascaping Styles Written by: Chris (@shrimpery)   What do aquascaping and painting have in common? Besides being quarantine-friendly hobbies, there are many styles to work with in each. A skilled painter can evoke just as much meaning and beauty from an abstracted, pointillist piece as they can from a hyper-realistic still-life. Likewise, aquascapers can make an equally beautiful beautiful biotope tank, Iwagumi scape, or traditional nature aquarium. Of course, some styles are more popular than others, but I thought it would be fun to rank my top 5 favorite styles for you to try.   Biotope The most...

Top 7 Best Terrarium Plants

Sep 11 2020 0 Comments Aquascapes paludarium plant profile plants terrarium

Top 7 Best Terrarium Plants   Ready to start a terrarium or paludarium? Like planted aqauriums, aquascapers can build these terrestrial setups aim to recreate nature scenes (like forests or jungles) in the comfort of your home. These setups are arguably easier to grow and maintain than your traditional underwater aquascapes. You can also grow many different kinds of plants ranging from aquatic to terrestrial! With terrarium-like setups, you have the opportunity to fill your tank with a larger range of plants to fit your own personal aesthetic. You will see that there are a few plants on our list that can grow...

Plant Profile: Ludwigia Natans Super Red

Jul 10 2020 1 Comment aquarium Aquascapes guide layout/styles plant profile plants

Family Name: OnagraceaeOrigin: Cosmopolitan Ludwigia Natans Super Red, also known as Ludwigia Palustris, is a vibrant aquatic plant that will add striking dimension and contrast to the mid- or background of an aquarium. These plants are definitely attention-grabbing when planted in bunches of 10-12 stems.  It is a favorite among aquascapers because of its fiery red coloring, quick growth, and easy care. It’s a versatile plant that grows in areas across the world during all seasons of the year. Plant Specs: Ludwigia Super Red has small, round, and pointed leaves that grow in opposite pairs along the whole length of...

Maintaining Hardscape in the Planted Aquarium

Jun 24 2020 3 Comments Aquascapes guide hardscape layout/styles maintenance shrimpery tips

Maintaining Hardscape in the Planted Aquarium by: @Shrimpery   Hardscape is the skeleton of an aquarium. As critical as plant selection can be to the success of an aquascape, the hardscape element is foundational- literally! A poor choice of hardscape can be difficult to overcome once a tank is filled, while a great hardscape layout can make a tank shine. Given how important this topic is, and how difficult it can be for both beginners and established aquarists, I wanted to provide a quick guide to selecting and maintaining hardscape for your planted tank.   Choosing Your Hardscape Whether you’re...

How to Prep Your Aquarium for a Move

Jun 17 2020 0 Comments aquarium Aquascapes guest blog guide maintenance tips

By:  Chris Okula (@nano.scapes)   Moving your aquarium is one of the most stressful parts of aquarium ownership. Although you may never plan to move an aquarium, life is an ever-changing adventure. Whether you're moving into a new home, college dorm, or apartment, a move could be in your future. It's important that you know how to prep your aquarium for the big day. 1. Setup Your Landing Zone Before you even think about moving your aquarium, you need to first decide where it’s going to live in your new space. The important question to ask is: Are there plenty of electrical...

Setting Up a New Pond-Style Paludarium

May 01 2020 0 Comments aquascapes beginner layout/styles paludarium shrimpery terrarium

by Chris (@shrimpery)   Shallow pond-style aquariums present an opportunity to enjoy aquascaping from a new perspective. A pond-style paludarium (the term for a tank with aquatic and emergent plants) allows you to grow the submerged plants that most of us are familiar with alongside the perhaps-less-familiar species that live at the waters’ edge. If you are curious about this style of aquarium or want to improve your existing aquascape, below is a brief walk through of the plants, animals, materials, and process involved in setting up a fresh layout. I recently took down my previous ricefish tank, which had...

Transitioning Aquatic Plants to Emersed Form - Wabi Kusa

Feb 06 2020 4 Comments Aquascapes beginner guest blog guide layout/styles plants tips

Transitioning Aquatic Plants to Emersed Form - Wabi Kusa By Chris (@shrimpery)   Most of the aquatic plants we use in the aquascaping hobby are not truly aquatic plants. In nature, you are more likely to find them along a shoreline, often in areas that have fluctuating water levels. Depending on what the situation requires, they are equally adept at surviving underwater or on dry land (ie, moist soil) indefinitely. This makes them different from obligate aquatic plants, which can only survive underwater (one example of a true aquatic is Blyxa). No one would blame you for thinking ‘emersed’ is...

Creating a Traditional Nature Aquarium Layout

Oct 29 2018 0 Comments Aquascapes beginner guest blog hardscape high tech layout/styles plants tips

When you’re new to aquascaping and are looking to set up a new tank, it can be a bit difficult to know where to begin. Some of the most frequent questions I receive on my Instagram account @shrimpery run along the lines of: “what kind of CO2 setup do I need,” or “what kind of soil do you use?” Because I recently set up a new high tech aquarium in my UNS 60U aquarium, I figured that this would be a good opportunity to share my thought process during the setup, along with details about gear and materials used.
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