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How to Plant Epiphyte Aquatic Plants

Apr 30 2021 2 Comments anubias beginner bucephalandra guide low tech paludarium plant profile plants terrarium tips

How to Plant Epiphyte Aquatic Plants Written by: Simon  Epiphytes are one of the most popular types of plants in the aquascaping hobby. Although, they can't be planted into substrate like your normal stem plants. Aquatic epiphytes are aquarium plants that naturally grow on the surface of other plants, rocks, and wood. In the wild these plants obtain their moisture and nutrients from the air, rain, and surrounding debris. Epiphytes commonly grow from a rhizome, a modified stem that grows horizontally, producing both leaves and roots. The roots are used to firming attach and anchor the plant to whatever surface they are...

Easy Aquarium Plants for Beginners and Beyond

Sep 24 2019 1 Comment anubias beginner bucephalandra guest blog plants

There's a huge variety of freshwater aquatic plants to choose from, but you're probably wondering which plants are the best to start off with. Here are some beautiful aquarium plants that are easy to grow and look great among other plants.

Aquatic Plant Variants! Bucephalandra Green Wavy

Sep 24 2018 0 Comments bucephalandra plants video

Aquatic plant variants: There are so many ways to use aquatic plants in a planted tank. Some are planted directly into aquarium substrate, some are glued or tied to hardscape and some are simply stuffed into the cracks and crevices of aquarium driftwood or stones. What method works best will generally vary depending on the aquatic plant itself. Aquatic plants such as epiphytes have rhizomes that allow these plants to be stuffed, tied and used in nonconventional ways as they are able to grow properly without being rooted to the soil, ultimately allowing one to express their creativity with plant placement. ...

Growing our Farmed Bucephalandra Collection

Jul 26 2018 1 Comment bucephalandra plants

Ever since the inception of our love affair with this beautiful epiphyte, we have been tirelessly searching for an alternative to wild harvested Buce. In order to ensure the survival of this beautiful species, we have teamed up with a network of reputable nurseries that share our vision.  We are proud to present Buce Plant's Farmed Buce. This collection of farmed Bucephalandra is the result of years of research combined with tedious trial and error. The process began in a tissue culture lab, where the plant had to be stabilized into a growing colony. This process takes years of development...

Bonsai Driftwood Trees - How to Plant and Aquascape!

Jun 13 2018 2 Comments anubias Aquascapes beginner bucephalandra hardscape tips video

Bonsai Driftwood Trees - How to Plant and Aquascape! Team BP is proud to carry unique and natural bonsai trees! We want to briefly cover this exciting product and provide an overview for frequently asked questions about these underwater bonsai trees. Our Bonsai driftwood trees are made by hand from natural driftwood that is aquarium safe. Artisans create these underwater trees in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit almost all aquarium tanks. They’re versatile, easy to work with and are the perfect piece of hardscape material to create an instant aquascape layout. These underwater bonsai driftwood trees pair...

Bucephalandra Gallery :)

Dec 06 2016 1 Comment bucephalandra plants

As you know there are many different trade names for bucephalandra out there. Although it is widely accepted that there only about a dozen different kinds, the trade names help in identifying who the collector was as well as where the specimen was found. Here at buceplant.com we have teamed up with eco-friendly suppliers who not only grow their bucephalandra out in farms, but are working towards finding more exotic aquatic plant species that haven't been seen in the hobby yet.  Check out the gallery below for some of the most beautiful specimens that we have in our collections. Note...

Bucephalandra Infographic

Jun 09 2016 0 Comments bucephalandra

Just whipped up an Infographic on Bucephalandra. What other information should I include guys?  

Top Down New Leaf Buce

Jun 08 2016 0 Comments bucephalandra

Bucephalandra in aquariums are often displayed from a top down view, much like corals. It's easy to see why. The small dots and beautiful coloration from bucephalandra is truly unique to the species. Mature leaves show iridescent navy blues and magentas, while new leaf growth often consists of strawberry pinks and deep reds. The bucephalandra shown below have been in our tanks for about 3 months. You can tell as the newer leaves come in that their colors mature to a darker shade. These special plants really do stand out in an aquascape.  We prefer to utilize bucephalandra in planted...

Bucephalandra Melt: Stages of Growth

Apr 01 2016 4 Comments bucephalandra tips

Bucephalandra Melt: Stages of Growth   Are you getting Bucephalandra melt? Don't throw those rhizomes away! This is normal when buce is adjusting to its new surroundings. If you ever end up with a piece with bare rhizome, leave it in your tank emersed or submerged and after several weeks, new leaf growth can occur. Many species of Bucephalandra grow on long, thin rhizomes that can sometimes be mistaken as stems. Brownie Blue, Mini Coin, Black Mist, Kedagang Mini, and Velvet 3 Color are all examples of Buce with small to medium sized leaves. All buce leaves will grow vertically off of long...

How to Attach Bucephalandra to Rock (video)

Mar 11 2016 0 Comments beginner bucephalandra guide hardscape tips video

Our team has developed a new video to guide you through attaching your bucephalandra to a rock. A great how-to video guide for you to add these beauties to your aquarium.