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Heterandria Formosa Habitat Aquascape

Sep 29 2021 3 Comments Aquascapes fish guest blog layout/styles low tech paludarium pond plant

Heterandria Formosa Habitat Aquascape Written By: Chris (@shrimpery)   Heterandria formosa is the smallest live bearing fish and one of the world’s smallest vertebrates in general. Native to shallow planted areas at the water’s edge, they are a perfect fit for my pond-style aquascapes. Membership in the Poeciliidae family makes the species a relative of guppies and mollies, although much less commonly kept. The fish also happens to be native to the area where I grew up, the extreme southeastern part of Alabama (as well parts of Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Florida) in the southeastern United States. Prolific, hardy, and...

Common Fish Diseases and How to Treat Them

Aug 18 2021 0 Comments beginner fish guest blog guide tips

Common Fish Diseases and How to Treat Them Written by: Tammy (@aquarist_tl)      Just like people or any other living animal, fish get sick too! It’s common for aquarium fish to catch an illness when they’re stressed or living in poor conditions. Unfortunately, not many hobbyists see the signs of sickness until it’s too late. When you notice your fishy friends aren't doing so well, it can be a sinking feeling. You're left with the question: How do I treat my sick fish? This article will go over common fish diseases, as well as how to prevent, identify, and treat...

5 Popular Freshwater Fish for Planted Aquariums

Jul 15 2021 1 Comment aquarium Aquascapes beginner fish tips

5 Popular Freshwater Fish for Planted Aquariums  Written by: Tammy (@aquarist_tl)    In aquascaping, adding freshwater fish is the final touch that make your aquascape thrive with life. Now that you have finished your masterpiece of an aquarium, it's time to add its inhabitants! If you’re on the lookout for popular aquarium fish to add to your planted tanks, here are 5 options that would make great candidates:   1. Ember Tetra (Hyphessobrycon amandae)   The Ember Tetra has grown to be an extremely popular fish among aquascapers. They are friendly community fish that are great at schooling (which let's face it, looks amazing!)....

Discus Care Guide: How to Keep a Discus Aquarium

May 20 2021 1 Comment fish guest blog guide high tech tips

Discus Care Guide: How to Keep a Discus Aquarium Written by: Tammy (@aquarist_tl)    Often known as the “king of aquarium fish,” discus earn their title through their gorgeous colors, patterns, and variations. Particular strains of them are highly sought after, and some can easily reach a price of hundreds of dollars for just one. Even though this species of fish is so beautiful, they are not as commonly found in the hobby as other fish. This is likely because there is another connotation about discus being one of the most difficult freshwater fish to keep. While discus fish care may require...

Tips for Beginners in the Aquarium Hobby

Apr 09 2021 1 Comment aquarium beginner fish guest blog tips

Tips for Beginners in the Aquarium Hobby Written by: Tammy (@aquarist_tl)    Starting a new hobby can be fun and exciting, but it can also be challenging. Especially a hobby like fish-keeping that involves taking care of live animals. In general, a lot of people go into the aquarium hobby not knowing much about anything in relation to aquatic life. So when they begin their first aquarium, and continuously run into issues with their fishes’ health or other problems, it can discourage them from moving forward on their fishkeeping journey. Hopefully, these tips will help those interested or new to the aquarium...

Top 5 Aquarium Plants for Your Breeding Tank

Mar 05 2021 2 Comments anubias beginner fish guide plants shrimp tips

Top 5 Aquarium Plants for Your Breeding Tank  Written by: Tammy (@aquarist_tl)   When it comes to tanks set up specifically for breeding, they will look a lot different than the typical aquascaped display aquariums that many aquarists strive for. Some may even have nothing but the fish themselves! This is largely because one of the goals for the design of breedings tanks is to be as easy to maintain as possible. It is much easier to keep a bare-bottom, mostly empty aquarium clean because you can see all the detritus that needs to be removed. In a tank with substrate...

Keeping Bettas: Why You Need a Planted Tank

Jan 08 2021 3 Comments aquarium beginner fish guest blog tips

Keeping Bettas: Why You Need a Planted Tank Written by: Tammy (@aquarist_tl) Betta fish are one of the most popular species in the aquarium hobby. It’s easy to get captivated by their vibrant colors and gorgeous finnage. They are available in so many types, species, and styles. Although usually sold in cups or tiny containers, I believe these beautiful fish deserve beautiful homes that make them feel safe and comfortable. Planted aquariums check all of the boxes for a great betta environment. Not only do planted tanks look good, they also provide a multitude of benefits for betta fish.  When It...

Top 5 Algae Eaters for a Planted Aquarium

Nov 27 2020 8 Comments algae aquarium beginner fish maintenance shrimp snail tips

Top 5 Algae Eaters for a Planted Aquarium Written by: Tammy (@aquarist_tl)   One thing many aquarium owners can relate to is our efforts in keeping algae out of the planted tank. During aquarium maintenance, there usually exists a step or two in the process where algae removal is involved. This can include scraping it off the walls of the tank, using pinsettes to pluck out hair algae attached to aquatic plants in the aquarium, or brushing it off rocks or other hardscape decorations. It can be a hassle trying to perfect the look of your planted aquarium when the...

How to Quarantine Aquarium Fish

Nov 18 2020 4 Comments beginner fish guest blog guide tips

How to Quarantine New or Sick Fish Written by: Tammy Law (@aquarist_tl)   One of the major reasons people new to fishkeeping end up quitting the hobby is because they are unaware of how to maintain their fishes’ health. If they constantly run into problems trying to keep fish alive, eventually they will think that aquariums just aren’t for them. To solve this problem, all they need is a little more insight on what could be causing these issues.  In this article, we will go over the topic of setting up a quarantine system for fish. Quarantining new fish is...

Benefits of Live Plants for Breeding Fish/Shrimp

Sep 18 2020 3 Comments beginner fish guest blog plants shrimp tips

Benefits of Live Plants for Breeding Fish/Shrimp  Written by Tammy Law (@aquarist_tl)   Breeding fish and shrimp is considered one of the most fulfilling parts of the aquarium hobby. To be able to see a bunch of baby fish or shrimp growing up in your tank and knowing you had a part to play in it can be very rewarding. As someone that has bred a few species of fish and shrimp, there’s one particular thing I find myself almost always implementing in my breeding set-ups: live aquatic plants.  Whether you have livebearers like guppies, egg-scattering fish such as tetras, or...

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