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8 Step Guide: Glass Lily Pipe Maintenance

Oct 09 2020 0 Comments beginner guide high tech tips video

Glass Lily Pipe Maintenance Is your planted aquarium pristine all around EXCEPT for your lily pipes? Trust us, you aren’t alone. Many aquascapers (including us at Team BP!) struggle with keeping this prestigious piece of equipment squeaky clean. However, cleaning your glass lily pipes is not as difficult or time staking as you may think! Follow these 8 easy steps to tank perfection. Scroll to the very bottom of this article for a quick How To Video!   Step 1: Materials Needed Gather the necessary cleaning equipment: Disposable gloves Bleach Dymax Hose Pipe Brush Two empty containers Clean water UNS Microfiber...

High-Tech Planted Aquarium: Selecting the Right Aquatic Plants

Jan 08 2019 5 Comments beginner guest blog high tech plants tips

Most people (correctly) focus on hardscape selection when they set up a new tank, but when it comes time to add plants, the selection process is often more fraught. For a new aquarist or even a veteran, planting a new scape can be daunting due to the sheer number of plant varieties to choose from. I’ve previously done a blog entry about trimming high tech stem plants, but I thought it might be helpful to provide a guide on how to choose the right plants for different portions of a high tech aquascape. Some general points to emphasize outright: Most...

Creating a Traditional Nature Aquarium Layout

Oct 29 2018 0 Comments Aquascapes beginner guest blog hardscape high tech layout/styles plants tips

When you’re new to aquascaping and are looking to set up a new tank, it can be a bit difficult to know where to begin. Some of the most frequent questions I receive on my Instagram account @shrimpery run along the lines of: “what kind of CO2 setup do I need,” or “what kind of soil do you use?” Because I recently set up a new high tech aquarium in my UNS 60U aquarium, I figured that this would be a good opportunity to share my thought process during the setup, along with details about gear and materials used.

Stocking Considerations for High-tech Aquariums

Jul 30 2018 2 Comments fish guest blog high tech shrimp tips

Thought about having livestock in your planted aquarium? Fish, shrimp, and snails can affect the balance of your aquarium as well as enhance the beauty of your aquascaped tank. Here are some tips and ideas of livestock to have when paired with your high tech tank.