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Four Tips for Achieving Red Aquarium Plants

Jun 12 2019 2 Comments fertilizer guest blog lighting plants tips

Red in a Planted Aquarium? One of the more mystifying subjects in the realm of aquascaping seems to be red plants: why do some people have intense reds, while others struggle to get much color at all? I can humbly admit that I am in the first category- but it took some trial and error to get my plants to reach their full potential in terms of rich coloration. As usual, it can be challenging to get good information on the subject, so I wanted to take a little time to break down my techniques and observations in order to...

Testing out the new TITAN 1 light fixture by Ultum Nature Systems

Dec 04 2018 3 Comments lighting

Choosing appropriate lighting for a planted aquarium can be intimidating. I think that for new hobbyists (or even old-timers), it can be difficult to wade through all the strong opinions, pseudoscientific claims, conflicting information, and marketing ploys surrounding aquarium light fixtures. I’m not an expert on the subject by any means, but I don’t think you need to be an expert to make a successful selection. You can ask yourself: Is the light bright enough for plants to grow densely and with good colors? Is the light the correct color spectrum to encourage photosynthesis and look visually appealing? Is the...

How much lighting does Bucephalandra need?

Sep 28 2016 4 Comments lighting tips

A common question we get is: what type of lighting do I need for Buce?  Is my light fixture enough to grow these guys?  So we decided to run some tests to show everyone! We got our hands on an Apogee Instruments PAR meter too see just how much PAR is needed to grow Buce. (Thank Greg from SCAPE!) Quick lighting background: Watts per gallon used to be a popular method of measuring light intensity when T12 fluorescent tubes were popular. This is no longer feasible and can be misleading since newer fixtures like LEDs have low wattage but higher output. In...