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How to Remove Pest Snails from Your Aquarium

May 06 2021 0 Comments aquarium beginner guest blog guide maintenance snail tips

How to Remove Pest Snails from Your Aquarium Written by: Tammy (@aquarist_tl)    If you’re having a pest aquarium snail infestation in your tank that’s getting out of control, then keep reading! A large number of snails can not only make planted aquarium maintenance more stressful, but it can seem as though there are snails in every spot of the aquarium you look at!  Don't be discouraged - this overpopulation is a common occurrence. If you’d like to learn more about pest snails like where they came from or the common types, feel free to check out All About Pest Snails in...

How to Quarantine New Aquarium Plants

Apr 22 2021 5 Comments algae aquarium beginner guide maintenance plants shrimp tips

How to Quarantine New Aquarium Plants Written by: Tammy (@aquarist_tl)      Most of us are eager to get our newly received aquatic plants into our established planted tanks, but there are potential pests and even dangers that could be transferred into the aquarium through these plants. Many of these dangers can be extremely harmful to your fauna, resulting in the loss of your fish and shrimp.  In this article, we’re going to go over why it's important to quarantine new plants before putting them into a fresh water aquarium, and methods to ensure that they’re safe to be added.  Before we dive deeper, I’d like to note...

Tips for Maintaining an Aquascape with Multiple Substrates

Feb 26 2021 3 Comments aquarium beginner guide layout/styles maintenance substrate tips

Tips for Maintaining an Aquascape with Multiple Substrates  Written by: Tammy (@aquarist_tl)   Many classic nature aquascapes these days use multiple types of substrates in their layouts. The two most prominent ones are usually sand and soil. Sand is commonly used in the foreground of the scape to give it a nice clean look while aquarium soil is typically found in the middle and back areas of the tank to provide nutrients for the aquatic plants when they are added. There are even extravagant aquascapes that will use the sand to form paths or “rivers” within the aquarium. Although the use...

The Best Way to Plant Different Types of Aquatic Plants

Dec 04 2020 0 Comments beginner guest blog guide maintenance plants shrimpery tips

The best way to plant different types of aquatic plants Written by: Chris (@shrimpery)   For people who love to work with their hands, planting an aquarium is one of the most satisfying parts of setting up a new scape. While the mind typically jumps to an image of planting stem plants with stainless steel aquascaping pinsettes, that is only one of the methods involved in setting up a planted tank. Depending on the location of the plant in the layout (towards the back, at the very front, on driftwood), different techniques are more effective. Below is a quick overview...

Top 5 Algae Eaters for a Planted Aquarium

Nov 27 2020 8 Comments algae aquarium beginner fish maintenance shrimp snail tips

Top 5 Algae Eaters for a Planted Aquarium Written by: Tammy (@aquarist_tl)   One thing many aquarium owners can relate to is our efforts in keeping algae out of the planted tank. During aquarium maintenance, there usually exists a step or two in the process where algae removal is involved. This can include scraping it off the walls of the tank, using pinsettes to pluck out hair algae attached to aquatic plants in the aquarium, or brushing it off rocks or other hardscape decorations. It can be a hassle trying to perfect the look of your planted aquarium when the...

How to Do Planted Tank Maintenance Without Going Crazy

Oct 15 2020 2 Comments algae beginner guest blog guide maintenance shrimpery tips

How to Do Planted Tank Maintenance Without Going Crazy by: Chris (@shrimpery)   Tank maintenance is one of those topics that planted aquarium hobbyists sort of gloss over when talking shop. Most hobbyists recognize the importance of keeping their tanks clean and healthy, but it can seem difficult to get good information on the subject beyond the basics. Routine upkeep is often portrayed as a tedious task, outshined by more interesting details such as specs, setup, and flora/fauna. In reality, it’s the cornerstone of having a great-looking scape. I’d like to share my process in an attempt to show that...

Nutrient Deficiencies: Different Symptoms in Aquatic Plants

Oct 03 2020 0 Comments beginner guide maintenance plants tips

Nutrient Deficiencies: Different Symptoms in Aquatic Plants Written by: BP Team member Simon Zhu (@sz_aquatics) Do you have a tank with perfect lighting, CO2, and water parameters, but still having trouble with plant health? Have you noticed that your freshwater aquatic plants aren’t looking healthy for some reason? Are your aquarium plants mysteriously dying and you can’t quite figure out why?  It’s possible that your planted aquarium is missing one or several necessary micronutrients that are important for plant growth! Micronutrients are essential vitamins and minerals needed for all living organisms to have healthy growth and immunity. We will be reviewing the...

How to Cycle a Planted Aquarium

Aug 19 2020 1 Comment beginner guide maintenance tips

How to Cycle a Planted Aquarium Written by: BP Team member Simon Zhu (@sz_aquatics)   Want to make sure your planted aquarium is a success? The first stages of tank setup are critical. It’s helpful to know the science behind what keeps your aquatic plants and their animal friends thriving. Cycling your tank is by far one of the most important parts of tank setup. In order to keep a balanced and healthy aquarium for fish, shrimp, and plants, then you must know a little about the nitrogen cycle.  This article will go over: The nitrogen cycle  The importance of a...

6 Easy Steps to Bleach Dip Aquarium Plants

Aug 05 2020 5 Comments beginner guide maintenance plants tips

6 Easy Steps to Bleach Dip Aquarium Plants by Bryson (@unso.fish.ticated)   There are reasons why many of us aquarists choose to buy tissue culture plants: no snails, no algae, an abundance of healthy plants. However, buying tissue culture plants every time isn't a luxury that everyone can afford. Lead bunch or potted plants are much more common, more affordable, and easier to get. However, they do come with the possibility of hitchhikers such as algae and pests. In addition, I’m not above collecting plants from the wild myself which can carry the same problems (please do be mindful of state/county laws, the property on which...

The Importance of Water Changes in the Planted Tank

Jul 31 2020 2 Comments aquarium beginner guide maintenance tips water

The Importance of Water Changes in the Planted Tank   Completing successful water changes for your aquarium is a critical part of effective tank maintenance and is key to healthy plants and fish. We know how important water changes are when maintaining a planted aquarium. At the end of this article, there will be a quick 5-step guide to performing an easy water change. But first, we have created a guided overview to help aquarium enthusiasts understand why water changes are so important and how to complete the best water change possible for their own tank. Every tank is different...in...

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