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How to Grow Utricularia Graminifolia (UG)

Aug 26 2021 0 Comments beginner guest blog guide high tech plant profile plants tips

How to Grow Utricularia Graminifolia (UG) Written By: Chris (@shrimpery)   The Utricularia Graminifolia carnivorous plant (UG) can be a mystifying subject. It's a highly sought after foreground plant featuring grass like leaves that create a lawn of carpet. This carnivorous plant is like an aquatic grass, with thin stalks growing from roots that spread horizontally by sending out runners. The species of carnivorous plants is highly coveted for its unique, pristine appearance and ability to grow emersed and submerged. It seems to be one of those aquatic plants that either completely flourishes or totally dies off, depending on the individual setup....

All About Anubias Aquarium Plants

Jul 30 2021 1 Comment anubias beginner guide low tech plant profile plants

All About Anubias Aquarium Plants Written by: Tammy (@aquarist_tl)    If you’ve never kept aquarium plants before and you're looking to start your first planted fish tank, Anubias is an excellent choice for a starter plant! It's also a favorite plant to the most experienced aquascapers because of its versatility. Anubias is a popular plant for planted fish tanks due to its hardiness, easy care, and ability to thrive in different environments. In this article, we will give an overview of Anubias and its many varieties, its advantages against other aquatic flora, and popular types that you may encounter. Plant Profile -...

How to Plant Epiphyte Aquatic Plants

Apr 30 2021 2 Comments anubias beginner bucephalandra guide low tech paludarium plant profile plants terrarium tips

How to Plant Epiphyte Aquatic Plants Written by: Simon  Epiphytes are one of the most popular types of plants in the aquascaping hobby. Although, they can't be planted into substrate like your normal stem plants. Aquatic epiphytes are aquarium plants that naturally grow on the surface of other plants, rocks, and wood. In the wild these plants obtain their moisture and nutrients from the air, rain, and surrounding debris. Epiphytes commonly grow from a rhizome, a modified stem that grows horizontally, producing both leaves and roots. The roots are used to firming attach and anchor the plant to whatever surface they are...

Top 7 Best Terrarium Plants

Sep 11 2020 0 Comments Aquascapes paludarium plant profile plants terrarium

Top 7 Best Terrarium Plants   Ready to start a terrarium or paludarium? Like planted aqauriums, aquascapers can build these terrestrial setups aim to recreate nature scenes (like forests or jungles) in the comfort of your home. These setups are arguably easier to grow and maintain than your traditional underwater aquascapes. You can also grow many different kinds of plants ranging from aquatic to terrestrial! With terrarium-like setups, you have the opportunity to fill your tank with a larger range of plants to fit your own personal aesthetic. You will see that there are a few plants on our list that can grow...

6 Top Stem Plants for Your Aquarium

Aug 07 2020 1 Comment beginner guide low tech plant profile plants

6 Top Stem Plants for Your Aquarium We know that our site has a huge selection of plants and it can be a little overwhelming at first. Bucephalandra, anubias, crypts, ferns, moss, stems... Where do you even start?  Trust, we get it! That’s why Team BP has put together our Top 6 stem plants for aquascapers. Stem plants are an aquascaping favorite. They are easily propagated and they quickly develop root systems. When planted in the right substrate (we recommend UNS controsoil) and given sufficient light, these plants will quickly fill your aquarium in a short amount of time. They...

Best Plants to Grow Submerged AND Emersed

Jul 29 2020 0 Comments aquarium guide layout/styles paludarium plant profile plants shrimpery terrarium

Best Plants to Grow Submerged AND Emersed by: Chris (@shrimpery) If you keep up with aquascaping on social media, you’ve probably noticed the growing trend of aquariums featuring both submerged and emergent growth.  The addition of emergent growth allows the aquarium to better interact with its environment. Just like a houseplant, the emergent leaves provide a nice presence to the room. Not all emergent plants are alike, though; some plants are uniquely suited to adapt to any condition you throw at them.  Here is a quick guide to selecting specific plants that will thrive both above and below the water. ...

Red Root Floaters: Care Guide

Jul 24 2020 1 Comment aquarium beginner guide layout/styles low tech paludarium plant profile tips

Red Root Floaters: Care Guide Family name: Phyllanthaceae Origin: South America Red Root Floaters, or Phyllanthus Fluitans, are a freshwater floating fern plant known in the aquascaping game for their unique look, deep red roots, and easy care. These highly sought-after floaters are known as the “Red Root Floater” because of their remarkable & stunningly red roots. Although Red Root Floaters appear similar to green Salvinia floaters, the leaves are a bit larger and can turn a deep red color. It can also sometimes be misidentified as immature Water Lettuce. These floaters are not difficult to grow in any aquarium....

Plant Profile: Ludwigia Natans Super Red

Jul 10 2020 1 Comment aquarium Aquascapes guide layout/styles plant profile plants

Family Name: OnagraceaeOrigin: Cosmopolitan Ludwigia Natans Super Red, also known as Ludwigia Palustris, is a vibrant aquatic plant that will add striking dimension and contrast to the mid- or background of an aquarium. These plants are definitely attention-grabbing when planted in bunches of 10-12 stems.  It is a favorite among aquascapers because of its fiery red coloring, quick growth, and easy care. It’s a versatile plant that grows in areas across the world during all seasons of the year. Plant Specs: Ludwigia Super Red has small, round, and pointed leaves that grow in opposite pairs along the whole length of...

Plant Profile: Bolbitis Heudelotii Difformis

Jul 03 2020 1 Comment low tech plant profile plants

Plant Profile: Bolbitis Heudelotii Difformis Family name: Dryopteridaceae If you’re looking for a stable, slow-growing aquarium plant with minimal care, Bolbitis Heudelotii Difformis is the perfect pick. This Bolbitis is unique greenery that will fill the midground or background of your aquascape or fish tank with leafy vibes.  Bolbitis Heudelotii Difformis is also known as the African Water Fern. This bolbitis is an epiphyte found in tropical, shady water sources with strong currents. It is a stable and easy plant to maintain that won’t quickly overrun your tank which makes it loved by aquascaping novices and experts. They are comparable...

Plant Profile: Water Lilies

Jun 26 2020 0 Comments beginner guide layout/styles plant profile plants pond plant water

Plant Profile: Water Lilies Today we’re happy to feature a stunning new pond plant on our website--the water lily.  Scientific name: Nympthaea species. Of all pond plants, the water lily is most popular for many reasons. Water lilies are a striking (and long-lasting) addition to water gardens and ponds. Their exotic flowers are beautiful enough to catch anyone’s attention. Many ponds are specifically designed around showcasing water lilies.  *THIS IS NOT AN AQUARIUM PLANT. Please ensure this plant is planted in an appropriate pond setup* Shown above: Hardy Water Lily Madame Wilfron Gonnere Plant Specs: Although the selection of water lilies...

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