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Creating a Traditional Nature Aquarium Layout

Oct 29 2018 0 Comments co2 controsoil planted tank ultum nature systems

When you’re new to aquascaping and are looking to set up a new tank, it can be a bit difficult to know where to begin. Some of the most frequent questions I receive on my Instagram account @shrimpery run along the lines of: “what kind of CO2 setup do I need,” or “what kind of soil do you use?” Because I recently set up a new high tech aquarium in my UNS 60U aquarium, I figured that this would be a good opportunity to share my thought process during the setup, along with details about gear and materials used.

Adventures in Japanese Ricefish and the Emersed Aquarium

Apr 04 2018 3 Comments aquarium Aquascapes Aquascaping Dwarf Shrimp emersed Japanese Ricefish Medaka Shrimpery Twinstar ultum nature systems UNS 60U

Guest blogger: Chris (IG @shrimpery) Shrimpery Blog Entry 1: Emersed plants in the aquarium Recently, after coming over and seeing my seven aquariums, a friend commented that I’m like an old cat lady, except in this case the cats are shrimp. But by my reasoning, there are so many different styles of aquariums- why settle on keeping just one tank? You can see how I’ve almost managed to convince myself that keeping seven tanks is normal. Regardless, out of all the aquariums in my lineup, one stands out as a clear favorite: the ricefish tank on my desk, featuring emersed...

Bucephalandra Gallery :)

Dec 06 2016 1 Comment buce buce plant bucephalandra planted tank rimless aquarium ultum nature systems

As you know there are many different trade names for bucephalandra out there. Although it is widely accepted that there only about a dozen different kinds, the trade names help in identifying who the collector was as well as where the specimen was found. Here at we have teamed up with eco-friendly suppliers who not only grow their bucephalandra out in farms, but are working towards finding more exotic aquatic plant species that haven't been seen in the hobby yet.  Check out the gallery below for some of the most beautiful specimens that we have in our collections. Note...

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