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How to Add CO2 to Your Planted Aquarium

Dec 16 2020 0 Comments beginner co2 DIY guest blog guide tips video

Using CO2 in a planted aquarium Written by: Team BP & Anne (expertaquarist)   If you just recently established your planted aquarium then I’m sure you are thinking, “how do I get my aquatic plants to grow as fast & healthy as possible?”  You need a CO2 setup to make it a reality. CO2 might be lethal for us humans but it is the key to life for plants. CO2 is the biggest benefactor of photosynthesis, which is the way of survival for plant life. You can grow your aquatic plants in your aquascape 5-10 times faster by supplementing CO2. This...

8 Step Guide: Glass Lily Pipe Maintenance

Oct 09 2020 0 Comments beginner guide high tech tips video

Glass Lily Pipe Maintenance Is your planted aquarium pristine all around EXCEPT for your lily pipes? Trust us, you aren’t alone. Many aquascapers (including us at Team BP!) struggle with keeping this prestigious piece of equipment squeaky clean. However, cleaning your glass lily pipes is not as difficult or time staking as you may think! Follow these 8 easy steps to tank perfection. Scroll to the very bottom of this article for a quick How To Video!   Step 1: Materials Needed Gather the necessary cleaning equipment: Disposable gloves Bleach Dymax Hose Pipe Brush Two empty containers Clean water UNS Microfiber...

Aquatic Plant Variants! Bucephalandra Green Wavy

Sep 24 2018 0 Comments bucephalandra plants video

Aquatic plant variants: There are so many ways to use aquatic plants in a planted tank. Some are planted directly into aquarium substrate, some are glued or tied to hardscape and some are simply stuffed into the cracks and crevices of aquarium driftwood or stones. What method works best will generally vary depending on the aquatic plant itself. Aquatic plants such as epiphytes have rhizomes that allow these plants to be stuffed, tied and used in nonconventional ways as they are able to grow properly without being rooted to the soil, ultimately allowing one to express their creativity with plant placement. ...

In-Tank CO2 Diffuser Comparison!

Sep 11 2018 0 Comments co2 tips video

  With so many diffusers on the market today, it can be difficult to choose what type will work with your planted tank setup. The short video above quickly covers 3 different types that are popular and commonly used today. Let's take a closer look at the 3 types covered in the video. First, we have the classic glassware pieces.  These diffusers come in a variety of sizes and shapes meant to cater to factors such as aquarium tank size and aesthetic. Being made from glass, these CO2 diffusers are sleek and are meant to blend into a planted tank...

Bonsai Driftwood Trees - How to Plant and Aquascape!

Jun 13 2018 2 Comments anubias Aquascapes beginner bucephalandra hardscape tips video

Bonsai Driftwood Trees - How to Plant and Aquascape! Team BP is proud to carry unique and natural bonsai trees! We want to briefly cover this exciting product and provide an overview for frequently asked questions about these underwater bonsai trees. Our Bonsai driftwood trees are made by hand from natural driftwood that is aquarium safe. Artisans create these underwater trees in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit almost all aquarium tanks. They’re versatile, easy to work with and are the perfect piece of hardscape material to create an instant aquascape layout. These underwater bonsai driftwood trees pair...

Guide to CO2 Equipment Needed for Planted Tank

Jan 17 2018 2 Comments beginner co2 tips video

CO2 and You! – Intro Pressurized CO2 We all learn that terrestrial plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the atmosphere. This is no different for aquatic plants. However, in an environment that is surrounded by water, carbon dioxide is harder to come by.  Carbon is needed by plants to create food. Photosynthesis is the process in which plants absorb carbon dioxide and solar energy to create glucose and oxygen. So naturally, the more carbon that a plant has access to, the faster the growth rate in conjunction with access to solar energy (light). The most common way to...

Quickscape - Westworld (45U / 9.3 Gallons)

Dec 14 2016 0 Comments Aquascapes beginner guide hardscape layout/styles video

New video featuring the 45U by Ultum Nature Systems. It's a 9.3 gallon tank. We are using Controsoil as our medium and Ohko Stones (dragonstone) as our hardscape material. The foreground plant is Monte Carlo with some dwarf hairgrass in the back. We began this as an emersed grow which explains the seran wrap. The seran wrap will help keep the tank nice and humid. After about a month we will be flooding this baby! Check back for the final video. For now, enjoy. :)    

Skull Island Scape - Team Buce Plant x Ultum Nature Systems

Aug 26 2016 3 Comments Aquascapes beginner guide hardscape low tech video

New video in collaboration with Ultum Nature Systems. Awesome Ultra Clear tanks with a very special 45 degree angled glass edge makes these tanks stand out from the rest.   What do you guys think of the scape?  

New Video Friday! Lost World 7G Cube

Aug 05 2016 0 Comments Aquascapes beginner guide hardscape video

We got another video in preparation for the launch of Ultum Nature Systems new line of Ultra Clear Rimless tanks. These tanks boast 91% clarity Diamant glass, never before seen on the market 45 degree mitered corners, and premium German silicone! These are truly beautiful aquariums and some of the best on the market in terms of clarity and beautiful design.  

We Made a Video!

Jun 28 2016 1 Comment Aquascapes beginner guide hardscape video

Check out this short video we made about aquascaping a 3.5G. Everything used can be purchased on our site! Contact us for more details, we are here to help.

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