Orange County Family Pet Expo 2016

Apr 27 2016 0 Comments announcement

We are proud to announce our sponsorship of Southern California's best planted aquarium clubs. The Southern California Aquatic Plant Enthusiast club (SCAPE) is an organization that we've been associated with for several years now. SCAPE is the perfect forum for local aquarium addicts to share knowledge, trade livestock or hock old equipment. Whether you're a beginner or a green thumb guru, local fish clubs are a great way to meet people who are as obsessed with the hobby as you are. We were honored to support their booth by displaying three of our own Bucephalandra inspired tanks. America's Family Pet Expo is one of the largest pet shows in...

Bucephalandra Melt: Stages of Growth

Apr 01 2016 4 Comments bucephalandra tips

Are you getting Bucephalandra melt? Many species of Bucephalandra grow on long, thin rhizomes that can sometimes be mistaken as stems. Black Mist, Krivbass, Raven, and Kedagang are all examples of Buce with small leaves that grow vertically off of long rhizomes. If you ever get a piece with bare rhizome, leave it in your tank emersed or submerged and after several weeks, new growth can occur. Don't throw those rhizomes away!Bucephalandra MeltStages of Black Mist growth: Bucephalandra Melt1. New shoots are just starting to develop along the rhizome. They look like tiny red spikes or roots:  Bucephalandra Melt 2. The new...

How to Attach Bucephalandra to Rock (video)

Mar 11 2016 2 Comments beginner bucephalandra guide hardscape tips video

Our team has developed a new video to guide you through attaching your bucephalandra to a rock. A great how-to video guide for you to add these beauties to your aquarium.

Awesome Infographic for Beginner Aquascapers

Mar 08 2016 0 Comments Aquascapes beginner guide tips

A quick guide on the different styles of Aquascaping for your aquarium. Choose from easier styles like Jungle or Biotope style, challenge yourself to more effort-intensive styles like Iwagumi and Nature, or use your knowledge of plants in creating a Dutch style aquarium.

Instagram Give Away!

Mar 05 2016 0 Comments announcement

As a big thank you to the support we've had this month, we are holding a give away contest! Check out our instagram for more rules to play..

Happy Monday Shipments

Feb 29 2016 0 Comments announcement

Quick update. We are getting things rolling here at Buce Plant. Our stands are getting finished, our contractors coming in to create our gallery space, and we're sketching up new aquascape ideas (maybe even a vivarium ;)). Here's a snapshot of our Monday orders!   Thank you for all the support! Remember to contact us if you have any questions at all! Happy Monday!

Yay 200+ INSTAGRAM followers!

Feb 28 2016 0 Comments announcement

Wow! We are excited about the great reception we've received! It's only been a week and we've surpassed 200 followers and to celebrate we want to share the love with you guys.  Use discount code WOWFIRST200 at checkout and receive 20% off your order. We will also include some free goodies such as a sample buce or moss! Thank you for you're continued support.

#Flashbackfriday Beautiful Bali!

Feb 26 2016 0 Comments Other

Flashback friday to our team trip to the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia. Although bucephalandra could not be found on this island, the natural landscape was truly a great inspiration for us aquascapers. The rice paddies in Ubud were not only breathtaking but contained great biodiversity in the surrounding forests. You could find critters such as freshwater micro fish and amphibians living in the paddies!  Not far from the paddies was a trail down a natural stream/creek. The hike was filled with wooden bridges and amazing natural stones, a great environment for all sorts of aquatic plants and creatures. This goes to...

A Showcase of Our Buce

Feb 24 2016 0 Comments announcement

As we get rolling over here at the Buce Plant facilities, sit back and enjoy some of our pictures. Our team is hard at work building stands, setting up tanks, and compiling the best collection of aquarium plants. However, that doesn't mean we aren't here to answer any questions you have about this beautiful plant. Check out our instagram! @buceplant

Soft Launch Day!

Feb 23 2016 0 Comments announcement

Buce Plant is live and online. Check out our favorite bucephalandra collection as well as all our other live freshwater aquarium plants we have on sale. Everything aquascaping! We have the best aquatic plant selection and hard goods for your next project!
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