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NOTICE: Please expect 1-2 business day shipping delay due to 4th of July.
NOTICE: Please expect 1-2 business day shipping delay due to 4th of July.

Green Water Labs - Algae Control

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Algae Control by Green Water Labs is the first all-organic, plant-based treatment that is effective in combatting many aquatic algae types and cyanobacteria. After extensive testing at Buce Plant headquarters, we have found that this algae control is the easy solution for fighting problematic algae and for preventing algae in your tank.

Algae Control is a non-toxic, water soluble liquid that can be applied as a foliar spray or added directly to planted aquariums and bodies of water. The active ingredients are extracted from organic waste, and is free of copper, ammonia, and peroxides. They target and inhibit various forms of algae and cyanobacteria in the water column, resulting in a cleaner, healthier planted aquarium. Algae Control's specialized formula is designed to attack filamentous, suspended, and attached algae species by targeting enzymes necessary for its photosynthesis. 

You can add Algae Control as soon as you set up your tank. Then, keep dosing regularly, weekly, bi-weekly, or after each water change depending on how serious your algae problem is. Refer to the chart below for more details on dosage.

  • Note: If you are doing frequent water changes you may need to increase the dosage to light or heavy levels.

Several aquascapers have seen great results when adding Algae Control along with any fertilizers they use. Sometimes fertilizers can spark algae blooms, especially if you are adding too much. Algae Control will help mitigate any blooms from fertilizers and other additives you are throwing in your tank.

Black beard algae and Cyanobacteria specifically can be a real nuisance in tanks. Spot treating the algae with a dropper or syringe will greatly improve Algae Control’s effectiveness.

Algae Control is 100% safe for ecosystems and will not harm fish, shrimp, snails or aquatic plants when dosage guidelines are followed. Simply make sure to not overdose.