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NEW aquascaping stones (including Jade Stone) are now available! 🔥
NEW aquascaping stones (including Jade Stone) are now available! 🔥

Driftwood Accent Roots

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Size: 5 Pieces

Driftwood Accent Roots provide the perfect solution for adding details to an existing aquascape layout. Ever wonder how the pros create intricate aquascape designs that show a deep sense of scale and detail? The use of Driftwood Accent Roots has the potential to enhance the realism of an aquascape layout.

Placing Driftwood Accent Roots at the back of your planted aquarium behind much larger driftwood pieces creates a sense of scale, making things appear further away. Driftwood Accent Roots can also be wrapped around larger pieces of driftwood or stones to add a realistic effect and a natural branching look that is commonly found in the natural environment.

*Driftwood will float for 1-3 weeks until it becomes waterlogged. We recommend pre-soaking the wood until it sinks before using it in your aquarium. For the impatient scaper's, try attaching a flat rock to the base of the driftwood. Protip: if you want to twist multiple pieces together to create a vine-like effect, try soaking it in water before twisting them together, otherwise the pieces may snap.  Also, the bark will slowly come off after being submerged for some time. 

Each Piece is roughly 8-14 inches long. Pieces can easily be cut down to the desired size. Each order includes five pieces.