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Mountain Stone

Original price $ 64.99 - Original price $ 124.99
Original price
$ 64.99
$ 64.99 - $ 124.99
Current price $ 64.99
Size: 10LB PACK

Mountain Stone is a newer type of aquarium hardscape. Light in coloration, this aquascaping rock is comparable to Dragon Stone in color and is very lightweight like Lava Rock! Mountain Stone's distinct shape is perfect for creating specific aquascape looks such as cliffs and mountainous scenes and this stone has a very unique texture that is almost sand-like. We recommend pairing this stone with aquarium mosses and red aquatic plants to make it really pop in a planted tank. 

Hint: Mountain Stone can be easily broken into smaller pieces with a chisel and hammer. This stone is great for those looking to scape an Aquaworx Iota.


  • If you are looking for larger stones, a minimum weight may be required. Larger stones = higher weight. Email our team if you need assistance.
  • Stones require rinsing prior to use
  • Stone coloration darkens when wet. 
  • Some stones may alter water chemistry. Please do thorough research to ensure this stone is suitable for your setup.