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Aqua Worx Zephyr CO2 Diffuser - Acrylic

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Size: Mini

Zephyr by Aqua Worx is a new CO2 diffuser out on the market. Utilizing extremely durable materials, this CO2 diffuser is shatterproof and resistant to breakage during any routine maintenance. Zephyr delivers a fine mist of Co2 in a planted aquarium. CO2 is important for optimal aquatic plant growth. This CO2 diffuser dissolves carbon dioxide into a fine mist of bubbles which allows for better dissolution in your water column. Zephyr is built to last and become a staple in your collection of aquarium essentials.

" Aqua Worx is an aquarium goods brand that focuses on essentials for freshwater and planted aquariums. Our goal is to provide quality products that are practical, aesthetic, cost-effective and most importantly, fun. "

Three main things are crucial for aquatic plant growth. CO2 is one of them! If any of the factors are unbalanced, unsightly algae have the chance to grow and overtake a planted aquarium. Using CO2 in a planted tank gives aquarium plants the boost they need to thrive and grow efficiently. With added strength, they are also able to out-compete algae for sources of nutrients in the aquarium. The use of CO2 in a planted tank leads to full and bushy growth that all aquarium hobbyists are striving for. 

What else do you need to get to supply CO2 to your aquarium?

- CO2 Tubing

- Regulator

- Check Valve

Size Diameter Tank Size


12mm  5-10 gallons


17mm 10-30 gallons
Large 23mm 30+ gallons 

  • Soak it in water for 30 minutes before use to produce smaller bubbles.
  • When bubbles begin getting larger, put it in bleach for 10 minutes and wash with water several times removing all the bleach inside before use.