Fine Natural Sand

The natural look that sand provides makes this one of our favorite substrates to use in an aquascape. Sand found outdoors or at the beach can contain contaminants which may be harmful to your aquarium. Regular playground sand clouds water during initial use or if stirred up by fish because its so fine....Read more

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Fine natural sand is a beautiful choice for substrate in an aquarium. Completely inert, this aquarium sand will not change the chemistry in your planted tank and is safe for freshwater fish and shrimp. Available in two different granule sizes, the natural look this cosmetic sand provides is the perfect compliment to beachside cliff and forest aquascapes. We recommend using fine natural sand in low-tech aquariums with plant choices such as Anubias, Bucephalandra and ferns as they do not require aquarium soil to absorb nutrients.  

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Buceplant's Fine Natural Sand is specifically made to be pet safe and suitable for aquariums, terrariums and more. This is the sand we've used in all of our scapes! 

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