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Dymax Hose Pipe Brush - Filter Tube Cleaner

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Filter tube cleaning brushes are essential items for any aquarist to have in their arsenal of cleaning tools. This tube cleaning brush comes equipped with two side brushes, making it suitable for cleaning various filter tube sizes. Ensuring tubes are clean helps aid in a clean presentation for the planted aquarium viewing experience. On the other hand, build-up of organic matter has the potential to clog the inflow and outflow to the aquarium making circulation poor and inevitably impacting the rest of the planted tank. 

For glass lily pipe maintenance step-by-step guide CLICK HERE. 


  • Flexibility: Made from high-quality, soft nylon bristles, this filter tube cleaning brush can be bent accordingly to clean hard to reach places.
  • Durable: Handle is a tight coil of stainless steel. Extremely durable and intended for long-term use. Allow to fully dry to prevent rust.
  • How to Use: Keep the tube or glass aquarium lily pipe as straight as possible. Insert the cleaning brush and gently work through the length of the tube or pipe. Avoid aggressive use to prevent breakage.