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Selaginella Indonesia On Clay Moss Ball

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**Selaginella is a terrestrial plant and it will not survive submerged in water.

Selaginella Indonesia is a commonly used plant for terrarium-like setups and vivariums. Although not a true moss, Selaginella species also thrive in areas with high humidity and indirect sunlight. This shrub-like tropical plant gets its name from the blue-green iridescent coloration of its foliage. This species of Selaginella is a great choice for providing ground coverage as it grows close to the ground, rarely exceeding 3 inches in height. With the right conditions Selaginella Indonesia is easy plant to care for and a great edition to any terrarium-like setup.

The Selaginella Indonesia has been attached on top of a terra cotta ball, to be placed in a terrarium, vivarium, or paladarium. The terra cotta ball is entirely wrapped with Christmas moss to create a seamless transition between the plants. This is a perfect piece for new beginners trying their hand at live plants for the first time.  Moss is considered a low light and low requirement plant that anyone can keep.  As long as the moss stays wet and has light, they will grow. 

pH: 6.0 - 8.0

Care: Easy

Light: Low

Co2: Not Necessary 

Propagation: Stem Cutting of Selaginella, Cut or Rip moss.

Growth rate: Moderate