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Easy Aquarium Plants

With so many varieties of aquatic plants, it can be intimidating for beginners to navigate and find aquarium plants that will grow properly with simple care. Here at Buce Plant, we have a wide selection of live freshwater aquarium plants that are low maintenance with easy care that can be grown by anyone despite their skill level! Anubias species, such as Anubias Nana Petite, Anubias Barteri and Anubias Congensis are practically bullet proof and don't require being planted into aquarium soil. Next in line is Microsorum Pteropus! This aquatic plant family is more commonly known as Java Fern and offers a good selection of species variants that will all adapt to a wide range of water parameters in a planted aquarium. Java Fern makes a wonderful mid ground to background aquatic plant choice for planted aquariums. Foregrounds can often be intimidating. Often thought to require CO2 injection, there are a few choices that will grow readily without it. Dwarf Saggittaria is commonly overlooked and will grow in most conditions providing a natural looking carpet in a planted aquarium. Finally, to spruce things up and add extra character, we have a wide selection of aquatic moss species such as Java moss, Christmas Moss and more. Aquatic moss can be used to add extra accents or cover any odd gaps in an aquascape layout and is one of the top easy aquarium plants. From foreground to mid ground and more, there’s an aquatic plant for your need or purpose!


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