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Oryzias Sp Woworae Medaka Rice Fish

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Ricefish are a hardy and adaptable species that works well in community aquariums and planted tanks!

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The Oryzias Woworae is a beautiful species of Ricefish! The Woworae Medaka offers the tank brilliant color and depending on the lighting used, has an iridescent shimmer when swimming through the tank. Like other Medaka, Oryzias Sp Woworae is commonly added to pond-style setups and provides a unique top-down view for the hobbyist. Like other species of Ricefish, Woworae Medaka are very hardy and adaptable to a wide variety of aquarium parameters. 

Ricefish are peaceful and should be housed in the aquarium with other peaceful fish and larger peaceful invertebrates. Woworae Ricefish do best in schools of 6 or more and will display the best color and behavior when kept in appropriately sized groups. This species does have the potential to jump, so it is recommended that coverage be available if a well-fitting lid is not being used. Like most species of aquarium fauna, the Woworae Ricefish will appreciate live aquarium plants as well.

Woworae Ricefish are omnivorous and will eat a wide variety of fish food. High-quality flakes, pellets, live or frozen will be readily accepted by Ricefish. 

Medaka Ricefish Care
Click here for a complete Japanese Rice Fish Care Guide

  • Temperament: Peaceful - Should be kept with peaceful species
  • Average Size: 1-1.5"
  • Diet: Omnivore
  • Tank Size: 10G minimum is highly recommended for a school