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Java Fern Windelov Aquatic Farmer Tissue Culture

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Common Name: Java Fern Windelov, Microsorum Pteropus

Java Fern Windelov is a popular variant of the Java Fern created by Tropica. They can grow in low light conditions and a wide range of water parameters. The end of the leaves is split into three thin leaves which gives it a beautiful bushy effect when grown out. Java Fern species can be attached directly onto driftwood, rocks, or any aquarium decoration using thread or glue. Make sure to keep the rhizomes above your substrate or the plant can begin to rot.  Propagation is easy and straightforward; simply cut or pull apart rhizomes to be replanted. 


  • Java Fern is an epiphytic aquarium plant. This means it can grow attached to aquascaping hardscapes such as driftwood and stones.
  • Java Fern propagates through its leaves. Dots on the underside of leaves are normal and are not a cause for concern.
  • Tissue culture plants are grown in vitro from a state-of-the-art laboratory specialized in propagating aquatic plants. They provide the best option for those who want to ensure that absolutely zero unwanted pests are introduced into the aquarium.
  • Remove tissue culture gel before planting. Simply wash the gel away or soak the plant in water and squeeze the gel off with your fingers.
  • Do not make drastic changes to the aquarium. Unstable parameters will result in the melt and rotting of the aquarium plant.
  • For instructions on how to properly prep tissue culture aquarium plants, click here.
  • CO2 injection and quality aquarium soil will yield better growth.

Genus: Ludwigia

Family Name: Onagraceae

Origin: Cuba

Height: 15” - 20”+

pH: 4.5 - 7.0

Care: Moderate

Light: High

Co2: Recommended

Propagation: Cuttings

Growth Rate: Fast