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UNS Plant Food Liquid Iron Aquatic Plant Fertilizer

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UNS Plant F

ood Liquid Iron Aquatic Plant FertilizerThe two main ingredients for healthy plant growth are light and nutrients.  Adding fertilizers to your tank can promote healthier, faster growth. Iron is an essential nutrient required by all plants to survive.  It serves a critical role in chlorophyll production as well as plant respiration and metabolism.  This is why a lack of iron can cause the leaves to turn yellow or white and eventually result in stunted growth or die back.  The addition of Liquid Iron in your aquarium will promote healthy growth and allow certain plants to develop a deeper red coloration. 

Dosage will vary based on the amount of plant mass and speed of growth in your tank. Faster growing and more nutrient demanding stem plants will require more frequent dosing compared to slow growers such as Bucephalandra, Anubias, Moss and Ferns.  Dosing 3 times a week is advised when adding CO2.  If you experience algae growth after using Plant Food, cut dosing to once a week.

*UNS Plant Food is fish and shrimp safe


 K 3.20% Fe 0.497%