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Metal Snakeskin Blue Grass Guppies

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Size: Single Male

Scientific Name: Poecilia Reticulata
Common Name: Metal Snakeskin Blue Grass Guppy

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Metal Snakeskin Blue Grass guppies are a unique guppy type with beautiful blue color and interesting pattern across the body and tail. Like other guppies, males are typically richer in color when compared to females. However, both are a great choice and add color to any planted aquarium or peaceful community aquarium. 

Guppies typically inhabit the upper areas of the aquarium, but will periodically swim to other areas of the aquarium. They are known jumpers and any aquarium with guppies should have a lowered water line or be fitted with a lid or cover to provide security. Guppies are peaceful and should be kept with other non-aggressive tank mates. They do best in groups with an absolute minimum of 3.


Guppies are not picky eaters and will readily accept a varied diet. We recommend high-quality pellets, flake foods, frozen or freeze-dried foods.

Tank bred

  • Temperament: Peaceful - Should be kept with peaceful species
  • Average Size: 1 - 1.5"
  • Diet: Omnivore
  • Tank Size: 5-10G minimum