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Dymax CO2 Drop Checker

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Size: Small (drop checker only)

The Dymax CO2 Drop Checker is a great and essential option to monitor the CO2 levels in an aquarium. It is difficult to know how much CO2 is dissolved in the water and too little or too much can have devastating effects on the aquarium. Going off the number of bubbles in a bubble counter is not always a fool proof method to monitor CO2 concentrations in an aquarium. Too little CO2 may promote algae growth and poor plant growth, while too much CO2 will be detrimental to livestock. With the Dymax CO2 Drop Checker, aquarist can easily know when the correct concentration of CO2 has been achieved in the aquarium.

Set Up:

  • Start by filling the drop checker half way with the CO2 Indicator Solution.
  • Attach the suction cup to the drop checker 
  • Gently place in the tank, being careful not the spill the indicator solution

How to Read:

  • Blue- CO2 concentration is too low
  • Green- CO2 concentration is good
  • Yellow- CO2 concentration is too high
  • Be aware that the drop checker takes 1-2 hours to react to the concentration of CO2 in the aquarium. 


  • High Quality Drop Checker
  • Suction cup


 Small 2 x 1"
Large 2.5 x 1.2"


**Kits include indicator solution and drop checker**