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Seiryu Stone Accent Rubble

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Weight: 3 Pounds

Seiryu Stone Accent Rubble can be used as both substrate or accent detailing in an aquascape. Accent Rubble is often placed at the base of larger Seiryu Stones or to create a path. Smaller pieces are crucial for creating a realistic hardscape layout by providing depth and detail to an aquascape. Seiryu Stone Accent Rubble can also be used in an aquascape that contains less demanding plants.  

Seiryu is the Godfather of all stones. The pinnacle of aquascaping rock. Undoubtedly one of the most popular hardscape materials available. The craggy texture and endless details in these stones allow anyone to easily create a natural-looking aquascape.  

Seiryu may slightly raise pH and water hardness. Controsoil can help balance that out. 

Rubble sizes range from 1-2 cm

*We recommend rinsing prior to use