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Alternanthera Reineckii Ocipus

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Common Name: Alternanthera Reineckii Ocipus, Alternanthera Ocipus 

Alternanthera Ocipus is a rare aquarium stem plant in the planted tank hobby. Well-known for being a colorful genus, Alternanthera species are commonly seen in Dutch-style planted tanks or any setup that demands bold color! Like other AR species, Alternanthera Ocipus can be grown submerged in the aquarium and in emersed settings provided the conditions are suitable for growth. When provided with optimal conditions, colors produced are emphasized and include a variation of pink, purple, magentas and more.

To promote healthy growth, Alternanthera Ocipus should be planted in a full established tank with high quality plant substrate and moderate lighting. CO2 injection is highly recommended to achieve the most vibrant colors from this plant. Regular trimmings will help keep Alternanthera Ocipus compact and healthy. Trimmings can then be replanted to achieve a bushy look.


  • Alternanthera provides great coverage for sensitive fauna species and is a relatively easy choice for beginners who are looking for colored aquarium plants.
  • Do not make drastic changes to the aquarium. Unstable parameters will result in melt and rotting of the aquarium plant.
  • Please be sure to remove this plant from its wrap. Remove the foam surrounding the roots and plant into a quality substrate. For instructions on how to properly prep “bunched“ aquarium plants, click here.
  • CO2 injection and quality aquarium soil will yield better growth.
  • Please research appropriately to ensure your plant thrives.

Family Name: Amaranthaceae

Origin: Central/South America

Height: 4-12”

pH: 6.5-7.5

Care: Easy to Moderate

Light: Medium to High

Co2: Required 

Propagation: Cut stem and replant

Growth rate: Moderate to Fast