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Buce Velvet Three Color

This is a highly attractive and unusual tiny plant with striking color. I am looking forward to seeing how it grows in my tank and at what speed. So far so good.

Mini Bolbitis

When the plant arrived I removed the rock wool, put the plant back in the plastic pot and placed it in my tank. Two weeks have passed and it has started to grow.
I have high hopes that it will grow into an attractive addition to my tank.

Great plants!

Bought a couple of anubias broad leaf. I was amazed when I opened the box, have not seen plants that look that good In a long time. Price was excellent, the shipping reasonable. My new source for plants!


I've been waiting and waiting for UNS to come out with lids, and the day has come. Awesome quality, not the same low iron glass as the tanks, but it's not something you notice. If you're thinking about getting these lids don't think, just do.

Interesting Plant . . .

I've become a fan of the Hydrocotyle sp. of plants ... this one I could not get to grow submersed, it just kept melting . . . so I tossed some in a bowl with maybe a 1/4" of organic gardening soil. It has taken it some time, but it's pretty.

Crypt hudoroi

Huge portions!!!

Black mtn beauty

This is beautiful stone. The white veins really add character to the stone. It is better suited for low ph tanks so I had to forego using it in my scape. Perhaps someday I'll invest in an RoDi system to tame my high ph water and set up a small planted tank just to showcase this stone.

Java Fern Windelov

Awesome plant! I’ve got it tied onto some driftwood and it makes my tank look great! Thanks for the great product!

A wonderful healthy plant.

I've been searching for this specific type of Bolbitis for months to no avail until I came across your site which showed you actually had some in stock so I had to buy a plant. It arrived in excellent condition and is a great addition to my aquarium. I will definetly buy from your site again. Thanks!

3rd party

The only good thing about this order is that Buceplant gave me a full refund. Be aware that Buceplant has no shrimp. The shrimp are supplied and shipped from a 3rd party vendor. So you and Buceplant don't know what is actually shipped until you receive the shipment. As compensation for the hassle, I was offorded a starter plant set. But they back tracked then offered some kind of credit which I have never seen. Not recommended.

Great shipping

Java Moss came within 2 days. Best quality of java moss I've ever seen! Wide range of aquatic freshwater plants I'll be ordering all my plants from now on from Buse plants

Mini Coin is mega healthy!

Team Buce always sends healthy, well-packaged and gorgeous plants. I've bought from them many times and keep coming back. Buy plants from Buce Plant — be happy. You want to be happy, don't you?

Bucephalandra Pink Bilblis

Clean plant! Neat little Bucephalandra.

Brownie Phantom

The plant arrived in great condition, but it was in small pieces. It's been in my tank for about a week and they look great!

Great buces/disappointing stems

Plants came professionally packaged and ontime. Great communication. Buces were great. Potted plants, clean, and no algae.
Stems on the other hand...very poor! purchased blyxa japonica, it was miniature, if I pay $7.99 for one stem, it better be healthy and large(I’ve grown this one with osmocote) They sent 3 mini stems. Rotala rotundofolia was sunted, tips so small. Same goes for ludwigia natans super red.
Will never buy stems here. The rest was superb!



Rainbow frost

the most beautiful!

Family oriented

Great prices and fast shipping


Echinodorus Red Rubin

Excellent service!!

Before my order shipped, they let me know that the last two batches of this plant were a little small, so they threw in a tissue culture cup of the same plant to make up for it! When the plants arrived, the two smaller batches had melted in transit, but Buce Plant gave me a full refund and even transferred it to store credit for me. They definitely offer some amazing and fast customer service.


My moss came and I was expecting it to be nice and green and lush. However when I got it I did see some green but about 40% of it was a light brown color. I bought ALOT of plants on that shipment and I had the same problem with all of them. I didnt want to be that mad customer who complains so I thought i could get it back to good health with my Fertz, co2, and lighting. However it doesnt look good. I have also pulled out and threw away about 90% of my plants as they turned from a light brown color to a completely black color within about 5 days. I have lots of xmas moss in my pond and aquariums however these plants were just far too gone. I am very unhappy and wish there was something this company would do to help change my outlook of their company. As of now I dont believe I will be reordering from here again...

Amazing Hardscape

Looking amazing when soaked. No edges were sharp at all. Just cleaning can be a bit hard cause of the cracks or curves


Everything arrived in very good shape and doing great!

Great plants!

Received this buce along with a few others... All plants looked very nice and pretty much all of them were larger than I expected. Excellant and professional looking packaging. None of the buce leaves "melted" as I've read happens sometimes during shipping. Very satisfied customer. Will purchase from BucePlant again.

Mini Christmas moss on wood & a mini bunch of Buce coin

First off the turn around time was exceptional. I ordered Tuesday and received the package Thursday morning with the standard delivery offered by Buce. I have never been disappointed with our business transactions. The Christmas moss on wood for 9.99 was exponentially more moss that I have EVER recieved. It has to be at least a 5-6" by 12" plank. Both sides overflowing with mini Christmas moss. The mini bunch of Buce coin(advertised as 3-5 plants) had a bevy of young leaves and was more than enough to split 7 to 8 ways depending on the sizes you would need to accent rocks/wood/etc. I will be bothering you guys again on the 21st(next Friday I believe) as I need all Buce with "blue" in the name, hopefully some more moss(Weeping) in 1-2-go tissue form or probably on the coconut wood again. I'm also hoping to get 1 or 2 of your extreme blue bolts and BKK(s). Of course I will be attempted to splurge on this order so If I don't succumb to the lure of glorious "blue" named Buce and immaculate moss I'll pray to the hobby gods for a pair(m/f) blue bolt & BKK. Thanks again and as I said before as long as you do what you are doing you have a fan in Chicago,IL who will exclusively look to you for Bucephalandra. Take care and KIT otherwise til next Friday

Seriyu stone

Very impressed the color of the stone,setting up a 15 gal tank will be in touch soon.

glass cats love it!!

i recently purchased a pot of java fern to give my glass cats a bit more shade in the tank. the plants are going very well and i can't wait till it grows out! overall a great product from a great company!

Great plants

Ordered for the first time from Buceplant and I couldn't be happier with it. I got my ohko stone and all of my plants from them to start my 29 gallon tank. Everything is really taking off, all of the new growth on the buces I got from their starter pack is beautifully pearlescent and one is even putting out a flower already.

Best moss I have bought!

Thank you for such a beautiful plant! The top quality keeps me buying all my plants from you. Thanks!! My shrimp love it!

Stunning plants!

I ordered an assortment of bucephalandra from Buceplant and every single one of them was gorgeous and well beyond my expectations. I am sure to be ordering more varieties in the future!



potted buce green wavy

The ones I got where just like the picture.
Even had flowers. Dark green leaves and no holes in leaves.
I ordered 2 more they were so good.

Good looking light

The light is packaged in a very nice looking box. My wife's comment was - that must be an expensive light, the packaging gives it a very high end feel. It is about as simple as it gets. The light, power adaptor, power cable and the suspension wires. There is no on/off switch, no instructions, no documentation whatsoever. I suppose it is meant to be controlled with a timer. Everything is fixed (even the suspension wires don't leave much room for height adjustment. The light looks very bright and slightly on the cooler side (7000K I believe). It looks gorgeous with my ADA rimless tank. I'll do a youtube or planted tank review once I measure the PAR/etc. Also a big thanks to Buceplant for an excellent shopping experience. Everything was well packaged, timely shipped and delivered.

muy bonita, buen diseño!

lo unico que no me gusta es el tamaño jaja es muy pequeña, pero esta espectacular!!!... gracias equipo Buceplant!


estoy muy feliz por la calidad de las plantas, gracias!

Nymphae lotus

They came ok the leaves were shredded and there were no roots (one even came with some mold on it but it went away shortly) but the plants were decent and are still adjusting to my tank

So Happy

This is such a happy and beautiful little plant.


I love this plant it came as a very nice healthy plant. It was very easy to tell where is was going to be growing from.

Moss on wood.

I really wasn't sure what I was going to get. I was very happy to find that I got a thick piece of moss that was tied to a square chunk of fiber stranded wood. It sank nicely. I cant wait for the moss to start growing upwards so I can see where it will fit in.


I’m very satisfied with my most recent purchase, my item arrived in excellent condition and has made an excellent addition to my nano tank.


Java Moss

Great customer service

My crytocoryne parva arrived a bit wilted from the heat (package left in mailbox instead of at front door) and temps were in mid 90s. My sword was totally gone but the bucephalandra was fine (they are a tough little plant). Buce Plant cheerfully refunded cost of the sword. The crypt is recovering nicely and at the suggestion of Buce Plant, I planted the sword's rootball and it is sprouting leaves. Great company to deal with and I love the arrogant blue. It's beautiful in my tank.

Recibi bien las buce

Muy buen servicio y en un muy buen tiempo.

Team Buce Plant

Awesome pack to get you started with bucephalandra. Great price for 5 different species of great Buce. The plant is good for many different types of scapes and tank. Thanks!


Dwarf Hair Grass Tissue Culture Pack

Great plants

Thank you so much for providing me with such wonderful plants! I look forward to getting more in the future.


Generous portions for the price. Plants arrived healthy and packed with care. I'll definitely be ordering from Buce Plant again!



Amazing Buce "Skeleton King"

Amazing looking plant! Great species of Buce. Would reccommend and will def buy again. Actually placed a second order as soon as I unpacked my first. Great quality, great speedy service. Thanks again


Purple Blue

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