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Great customer service!

My order didn’t arrive as pictured but a block shaped driftwood. But the moss was beautiful and health. According to the customer service, their distributor made a change and the website hasn’t been updated. Even though I was disappointed with what I received, I decided to keep it because the moss was beautiful. The customer service gave me the store credit for my future purchase. I was very happy with their great customer service. Two thumbs up from me!


Arrival fast and healthy, good job


Happy with this order, Healthy


It works for Twinstar SA600

Wonderful service

I ordered my plants via Buceplant on a Tuesday, they shipped on Wednesday, and arrived by Friday! Wonderful. Every plant I received was in good health, save one that had browned a little (my choice of bacopa) That plant has since rebounded.

5/5, great service and great pricing. I was happy with the amount of plants that I received.


Arrived in excellent condition and quickly, I live in Alaska and I've never had great luck with having plants shipped but I will deffinely order from buceplant again. I love this sword. It is beautiful. It had a crazy root system already when I removed it from its cup. It seems to be doing well in my tank so far but only time will tell.

gorgeous, huge!

One of my favorite plants in my aquarium. It's big and gorgeous. I absolutely love it and I would definitely reccomend it. Please excuse my dirty glass.


Alittle smaller than I expected but It isnt a very large plant when mature. I got 2 plants. I put them together. I think they are beautiful. They arrived looking very healthy. Very pleased.

Fantastic selection

I ordered the 20lb box (which I did not need for my measly 10g, but I was worried if I ordered smaller, I wouldn't get any nice larger pieces). This was very much not the case -- I got a nice variety of rock in both texture and size. I got ~10 big rocks.

Good variety

I got a great variety of shapes. I did boil them for a couple hours to reduce the initial tannins. 2 of the 5 pieces I recieved did float but it didn't take much to keep them on the bottom the tank. I was concerned there would be sharp edges as I put the wood into a betta tank and did not want hi to snag his fins. There was only one edge that I found any need to file down.

Very happy with this. My shrimp love it.


Looks good

Never again

I wasted my money


Very happy with the plant. Looks good so far.

Good looking driftwood

What you see is what you get. Well put together, great for a nano tank.

Very healthy

These tissue cultures are great! Best way to set up aqyarium pest free.

The best nano light you can buy!

I am in love with this ligh! Highly recommend it for anyone looking for a sleek, modern and high quality nano LED for plant growth. Buceplant is my favorite aquascaping company to work with. They always take care of me, provide excellent customer service and are available to answer my questions. Thanks again guys!

Great Plant for Beginners

I am a beginner to this hobby and I finally decided to chuck the plastic plants in all of my betta aquariums. I was nervous about having plants shipped to me, but Buce packaged them perfectly. Everything was healthy and looked great. I simply left the bacopa and other plants float until I had time to plant them and just two days later, I noticed about a 1/2 inch of new growth! My fish are noticeably happier too! The bettas love to snuggle up in the new plants at night to go to sleep. So cute! I will definitely be back for more! Thanks Buce, you have a customer for life!

Fast shipping, arrived great!!!

Plant came at about 5 inches and has already shown growth and reddening within the steam. Really happy.

Great plant

Plant came really red and beautiful, they always come through with the best plants. They have doubled in size for the few weeks I have had them. Really happy with my order.

Neo Diffusers

These are great! The bubbles are so fine. I bought a mini and a large! May have to buy more in the future. The packaging is nice and the diffusers were well packed.

Deal of the Century!!!

The Anubias family is one of my favorite aqua scape planting materials, and this Barteri epaqmat is one of the most beautiful and healthiest specimens I have ever seen. As advertised, it easily will yield 20 or MORE separate portions of planting material. A five star purchase, what a deal Buse...thank you!


Ordered two. One was completely melted the second maybe one of the plants will survive

Hi Robert, We're sorry to hear about this! We do have a 100% DOA Protection policy specifically for situations like this. Please contact us at for further assistance. -Team BP
Limnophilia Heterophylla

Packaged was wrapped very carefully yet the plants were very melted. Luckily, the high light and CO2 in my tank are growing new healthy tips so I can cut them and replant them.

A beautiful crypto

This plant is a beautiful crypto

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