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Came in quick and well packaged. Great quality plants. Will for sure buy again.


Bought a 10L bag of each size and couldn't be happier, no dust at all, and makes the aquaeium look clean.. Bangs with alot of red plants.. And as usual lightning speed shipping, and packaged to handle a 2500 mile trip with no damage.. Picked up a 40 gallon cube to do it all over again.. Thanks Buce!

Awesome product

I really loved adding this to my new 20 gallon tank. It arrived in great shape and is thriving in the tank! Great way to add depth/texture!

Very healthy, long stems

This is a great stem plant. Very healthy, long stems (9"), took off immediately, will probably have to top them soon after two weeks in the aquarium. Thanks!

Definitely my favorite Aponogeton

This is my favorite Apon, so I was glad that Buceplant had it in stock. The bulb had a few small sprouting leaves when it arrived. After a week of acclimating, it has grown to about 4" and I anticipate over the next few weeks it will really explode now that it has rooted.

Healthy stems

Nice, healthy stems, are taking off nicely in the tank after one week.

Large quantity, great plants

My first buce - I ordered a mini-clump. Looks great!

Good value

The order came with lots of larger strands and many more smaller peices. Plenty to go around my 5 gallon nano.

Great plant

I received two healthy, robust plants that instantly looked great in my aquarium.


Wonderful worked out great for my tank.


Arrived and worked out great. Will always purchase from Buceplant

Looking good.

A healthy nice looking plant to add to the other Bucephalandra species I'm growing.

Need to give it some time

Nice looking plant. Only green and two pale colored leaves currently. Waiting to see what develops. After two weeks, minor melting on two leaves has occurred. Waiting to see how this grows when in its final tank placement.

Nice Plant

Beautiful and healthy looking Java Fern.

I'm waiting to see

I've ordered this twice and the tissue cultured plants look great when I get them. After two weeks, the first plant melted away, including the rhizome getting soft and mushy. My second order of multiple plants is beginning to worry me. All the other Bucephalandra species I've ordered from here are doing fine to thriving. I believe I removed all the culture gel before placing these in my tank. I gave this a five-star review for how the plants looked when I received them, my ability to maintain them has a two-star rating now.

Great Texture

I love how this plant looks. It adds a different texture to my tank plants. Bought two and had one already. Can't wait to see what it looks like in six months.

Great looking plant

I was intrigued when I saw this plant online. I'm impressed even more by the quality of the two plants I received. The different coloration on every leaf is distinctive. This is my second order from Buce Plant and I'm pleased with both. I attached an image from my plant quarantine tank, it's the Anubias in the center with the air hose near it.

Wonderful plant

Within a day of adding this plant to my aquarium, new growth was already occuring. A week has gone by and the plant continues to show robust growth. It is a beautiful addition to my aquarium.

Unique looking

Shipment arrived on schedule and the plants were healthy with nice vibrant green color. There were 6-7 plants in the cup with some having plantlets attached to them. I did not want the usual foreground type plants and this plant with its unique look is what attracted me to it.

Very nice plants

I've ordered miscellaneous vallisneria from other suppliers in the past but the plants i got here surpassed the others I've ordered in terms of how healthy it looked when it arrived (crisp green leaves, minimal pruning required, good root systems starting). Love the plants and look forward to doing business with Buce again in the future!

Very nice stone! will order again

only thing keeping me from giving a 5 star review was all the pieces i received were roughly the same size "around 3-4 inches", but in sellers defense they did put a disclaimer up saying they only had smallish pieces left in stock. Other than that the stones look awesome and are very pretty in my tank. Will definitely order again!

55gal bucephalandra

Happy with my first purchased decided to get more buce than I needed. Barely have room in my 55gal now. Will be ordering more in the future to turn my 180gal tank into an all bucephalndra tank. Customer service is outstanding 6/5 stars.

Very cute~

A very cute plant, arrived in amazing condition. I love that I got a notification that it had arrived, because it was left near the apartment mailboxes instead of my doorstep. Can't wait to order more!

Bomb Proof

Out of everything I ordered from BucePlant this is the one plant I just didn't have any worry about. I don't think you can kill Water Wisteria. Mine arive looking great. A bunch of stalks just like in the picture. I shook them out under water and picked off anything that looked a little dead. There wasn't much that looked bad. It's growing like weeds in the back of my tank. Looks healthy and strong. Fish really like this plant.
Need a great plant you can't kill, that's easy to propagate, and fish love? This is the plant for you.

Great plant

Mine showed up real healthy. Haven't had any issues with this plant settling in my tank. This plant is growing and producing new growth too. If you want a nice Java Fern I recommend BucePlant . Shipping is quick and customer service is great. Haven't had any issues as far as how things are packed and arrive.

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