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Plants were very nice. Would have liked to seen more input helping to be successful. These are slow growing so we will see how it goes


This plant arrived with no roots kinda scronny and is already dead and gone in just a week. Would not buy this plant again.

Amazon sword

This arrived a great plant about 4 pieces with good roots looking very healthy. Look good doing well!

Great value, great variety

I recently set up a new 10 gallon and got the plant starter pack because I had never grown buce before and didn't know exactly what I wanted. The plants arrived quickly and in good condition, with only a couple leaves that had yellowed, presumably due to shipping. But I was really impressed by the size of the plants. Even though I didn't get the mini clump package, each plant actually contained at least a couple individual plants, and there was even new growth on most of the plants. I saw more new growth after only a week in the tank. The rhizomes are huge too, and I ended up getting about 15 individual plants after splitting some of the bigger plants. The value for the money is definitely worth it.

The package also came with lots of variety. I was a little concerned that I would get 5 plants that all looked the same, so I was very pleasantly surprised when I got 5 very distinct looking plants of all shapes, textures, colors, and sizes. It seemed like Buce Plant very intentionally curated the package, rather than just throwing in a random plant from each series.

Overall these buce plants are really attractive additions to my tank. I can't wait to see how they grow, and I'll definitely be ordering from Buce Plant again!

Nice looking tank

My tank arrived in perfect condition and looks excellent. Glass actually measures 9.75mm, my 10mm hangers fit slightly loose.


Great little plant which was much bigger then I expected. Doing well after a week and starting to put out new leaves already

Ordered one lead bunch and got 7 individual plants. Plants were spread out and all are doing good so far.

In the pot I received there were 4 plants that I was able to spread out and am very happy with. There was some melt on some of the older leaves but I always get this with new sword plants so not a concern, already putting out new growth

More then advertised

plants look great and got way more plants then was advertised

My on-line go-to store

I am always pleased with my orders. Mostly the plants are in perfect ready to go condition. Should one be accidentally damaged they are quick to refund. What else can you ask for? My plants are in a holding tank and doing quite well while I am getting ready to setup my new 50G.

Great soil!!

I did my research and watched some reviews on this soil and came back to the website to purchase it and it's doing all the things as expected. I can't complain.


This plant gave me some trouble trying to plant it down and looked so stressed a few little leaves broke off but so far it's looking better probably because of no sunlight.

Alternanthera Reineckii.

The red coloration on this plant is amazing. It was hard to plant but I figured it out. Also very cute!!

Too cute!!!

This little plant is just so cute and I can wait to see it propagate in my nano tank. In guarantee ATM.

Really green

Got my bolbitis on wood, nice and green (other places I've dealt with not the case), very healthy, ready to grow. Surprised at the size, actually looked like the picture! Only thing I would change is to more securely attach plants to wood.

Speedy delivery.

My plants arrived sooner than expected and in great shape. I bought three bunches of h’ra and got a 4 for free. I love buying plants from this site and will continue too.

Make your tank look better with minimal effort!

Lookin' good so far! already attached to driftwood so literally drop it in wherever it looks nicest or where you need to add a bit more green.

Looks awesome!

Growing really well in my 120G! (pH is 8.0)

Mini Cuties

These are so cute. Perfect for any tank! They were packaged with care . I loved that they were healthy with the moss nicely attached to the stones that I could place anywhere in my tank.

Big bunch of stems

Arrived quickly and looks very green and healthy. I've experienced a bit of melting, but that's expected with any new plant. Would recommend!

Pretty big anubias

Arrived quickly and has several leaves. Looks healthy.

excellent plant.

Great quality

Got a huge broadleaf to fulfill my order, good quality, no freeloaders that I could tell and I would order again.

Arrived wilted

The stems were mushed, the leaves were crushed. I was only able to save 3 plant stems out of 4 bunches.... But my ludwigia arcuata came in perfect condition. I don't know if I will buy my plants at buce plant again.

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