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Marfield Controsoil

Love this substrate! Didn’t observe an ammonia spike. German Blue Rams are spawning in newly planted tank with seeded filter media. Plants rooted quickly and are growing well. Also used it in a planted jar.

Catherinae Green

Beautiful plant and Buceplant always come thru! Fast shipment and lovely plants... every order has been a winner!!!!

10 lbs pack

Very nice variety of stone sizes. I love the color, and the customer service was super quick in responding!

Would have been great except...

Would have been great, except for a a piece about nickle sized showed up brown with a little mold. I just cut that piece off and used the rest which looked great. For the price though I think there shouldn't be any dead or moldy spots

DHG looks great!

I have bought tissue culture DHG from other retailers in the past but the portion size and health of the buceplant DHG blows the others away. I was able to nearly fill a 5 inch cube tank without separating the entire portion into tiny clumps. The root system on this order was very healthy.

Crypt. Parva looks great!

I was having a hard time finding good looking Crypt. Parva until I found them here on buceplant. I got 5 quarter size portions with healthy root systems and have not had any issues.

Buceplant let me down..

Ordered cryptocoryne flamingo from buceplant which I was surprised they had in stock. Submitted the order and then noticed my billing info was incorrect. Messaged them to let them know and they ended changing the shipping address and billing address. I informed them that this was wrong and they sent an intercept with USPS so I would get it at the correct address. In the end I received a mostly dead plant at the wrong address. They did honor there DOA policy and refunded my money. They said they will not send me a replacement. Overall my first experience with buceplant was pretty bad. I appreciate all the work and communication from them but I would most likely not do business again.

Really cool

I order this on a whim, because I had a gift card. At $60 I probably wouldn't have bought without the gift card. I've had my eye on these epaqmats for a while, but just couldn't justify it. The amount of mini bolbitis is insane, and very healthy! I divided mine in to a few sections and love it.

Excellent condition

Plants arrived in perfect condition

Madagascar Lace bulb

Very beautiful plant, I was actually able to break it into four smaller bulbs and they look amazing in our tank! I actually got someone else’s package first, but I contacted Buceplant and they got my package mailed off that day and told me I could keep what came already, for free! Thanks Buceplant! You guys are great.

the very best tanks

Some of the best tanks I've owned and the shipping is more than ample. They take great care in packing the tanks well so it arrives safely. The tanks are beautiful!

Very nice

Plants came in healthy and tall. Currently doing dry start method and they are taking sometime to adapt, but I'm sure they will pull through.

Good overall!

Over all happy with these. 4/6 of the stones I received were great! Two of them (one in particular) I would not consider "boutique" stones. I was able to make them work in my aquascape, but they really do have a different aesthetic compared the others because of their shape. Also, the box arrived in tatters, but the stones inside seemed for the most part unharmed.

Dark skelington king

Arrived in good condition, looks great so far will give it time to see how well it grows out. Awesome plant, would definitely buy again.

High quality

It was small, but the moss was almost entirely green with newer growth. Really worth getting and will be good to take of an attach to wood.

Dark skeleton king

Such a cool species of buce. Probably my new favorite. I’m going to be growing it emersed. It came in really good condition.

Couldn’t be happier

I have been looking for this plant for months and have tried to grow it twice in the past without success. The shipment was fast and Buceplant was quick to respond when I mentioned I forgot a heat pack. Very pleased

Crypt Flamingo

All three that I ordered came in looking pretty rough in the cups but once I rinsed them off and portioned them out they looked pretty decent.

Tenellus culture

Nice green cultured plants with no snails! I'm very happy to have a RELIABLE place to buy tissue cultured plants from. These plants have already sent out runners after 10 days in both my tanks. Happiness is no snails. :)))

Capuronii aponogeton bulb

I bought this bulb,and only expected to receive a bulb with no roots or leaves. However,I was very happily surprised when I got a bulb with roots and several lovely leaves. This plant is rapidly growing into a very nice plant.

Kedagang mini buce

A VERY nice bunch. Arrived in fantastic shape.I am extremely happy with both varieties of buce that I ordered.

Dennerle shrimp king color food

The perfect size pellet food. Shrimp seem to like this food a lot. To early to tell if the color enhancement is working .

So many plants

I really like this plant it is just like most Buce yet a different leaf almost a cross between Anubias nana and a buce that has variegation in the leaves. I used this in 2 different emersed and 2 different submerged setups and the more humidity the better for emersed and the more light the better for submerged

Patience required

It seem to me these plants have been grown emersed so it will take time for it to get used to the submersed environment so patience is needed. The emersed leaves might die back but once it shoot out the new submersed leaves, everything should great from there.

Almost dead on arrival

I ordered this because the local petsmart doesn’t carry top fin tissued cultured limnophila hippuridoides anymore. When I received my order, the leaves are all dead, some of the stems rotted but 3 stems survived and have grown some new leaves hope they will survive.


Okay so this was the first plant I've ever ordered and so I'm not too sure what bad stuff to look for but I feel like this plant came in looking great! It only took 3 days to get to me and it would have only taken two if it wasn't for the holiday. Pretty green full leaves. It did not have as many leaves as in the picture but I still think it came in at a great size. Love it!


Came in healthy and has an interesting design to the leaves.

Plants arrived safe.

The pack was cold when I opened the package, but the plants were in fine shape. Given the fact that there was ice and snow in my area, I have to assume the pack did it's job

Decent Shape

Had some leaves with dead growth on the end which can be a little hard to make look good but it's establishing well and I think it will be back in shape in no time. New growth and the rest of the plant looks healthy.


Came in and I planted it started growing in days plain and simple

Great variety of buces!!!! There’s always something new.

Great customer service. This has been my fourth order and very happy. And of course great products!!

High Quality

First time ordering tropica products after hearing good things. Cant say I was disappointed, as the plants arrive in top notch quality, where easy to split, and fair easy to get into the substrate given as my soil is rather coarse. Overall very satisfied with my purchase.

Very good experience

I was hunting online for the plants I wanted for my new tank so I could order them all from the same source. Many (all) of the other plant stores I looked at had one or two of the plants I wanted but none had them all. So I ordered from you guys and was very happy with my experience.

Your website is lovely, a few questions I had before I ordered were answered within a very short time and I got my order fast. The only negative I have to say is that the val I got was a little past prime but has already bounced back and is growing. It's only been 3 days.

Overall, I really like your store and will be back for more stuff when I need it.

Beautiful plant.

Great little plant. Generous portion.

Great plants.

Beautiful plant, nice portion. I've only had it about 3 weeks and I already have new leaves. If you're looking for Buce or any plants, get them here. You can't go wrong with Buceplant! My new go to site for plants.

Arrogant Blue Purchase

It arrived in perfect condition and no melting, now I’m waiting for them to grow. I’m so excited with my purchase! I glued it to a rock. Waiting and watching...

So pleased!

Plant that arrived looked exactly like the pictures. Was packed extremely well and plant arrived in beautiful condition!

Love it!

I'm 68 and retired a few years ago and have just gotten into this hobby. I am blown away with all the various plants and aquatic animals available. Imagine being 68 years old and never knowing anything about any of this. My banana plant arrived in great shape and is doing wonderfully. I plan on getting more and will definitely get them from Buce Plant.

To soon to tell but...

...I have the utmost confidence that when it begins to fill out it'll be exactly what I had in-visioned.. I have a Game of Thrones, Mother of Dragon theme going and the floating balls really adds a nice touch.

Full of life

The plants are beautiful and grow great in my tank.


I used the sand as more of a decorative touch i think it worked nicely. Shipping is 100% packaging 100% Service 110% ive purchased many items now and Buceplant is the way to go!!!!


Plant arrived healthy and pink! I have yet to set up CO2 my tank but plant has turned grey, probably from lack of co2. Hopefully it will regain its vibrant color once I set up my co2 system.


You guys have been the best experience of a business! The quality of the Gravel is awsome. Im very pleased on Packaging and shipping speed! If anyone reads this i highly recommend this product! Thanks for the great communication of offered help and friendliness.

Great plants

My plants arrived in perfect condition. Although I only ordered 4 pots there were anywhere from 6 to 8 plants per pot giving me all I needed for my aquascape.

Super mini catherinae

Unfortunately this is the second bad review that ill have to give even tho I really like buceplant but the buce I received were much smaller then expected mostly dead leaves not many healthy leaves left when received just looks like I got the butt end of the buce. I 've had it in my tank for a couple a weeks with some tlc hopefully will bounce back

Plant purchase

Plants arrived in excellent condition. I paid more for the fast shipping (as I live in NY), but it was well worth it.

Buceplant Customer Service is Awesome

Though getting this regulator set up has been a headache of massive magnitude, Buceplant made the whole experience worth while. Due to an unfortunate packaging mistake by the company who distributes this product (UNS), it was listed as compatible with SodaStream co2 canisters. It is not in fact compatible. This is in no way Buceplants fault but that of the company for selling it as so. Buceplant did everything in their power to make it right and after a couple more purchases (a paintball tank adapter and a paintball co2 tank), I now have the unit up and running and am finally happy with it. The experience left me with a bad taste for UNS but in admiration of how far Buceplant will go to make their customers happy.

Black Mountain Seiryu Stone

Love the Black Mountain Seiryu Stone! Makes my squarium!

Java Moss

The fish seem to like to pick at it (a good find). I hope it grows fast!

Mini Bolbitus Epaqmat

This item is awesome and adds instant growth to my tank, will return for another. Thank you

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