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Save up to 30% on plants & aquascaping supplies here 💸

Ancient Spider Wood

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Ancient Spider Wood offers a new aquascaping experience. Compared to spiderwood, Ancient Spider Wood has more groves and indentations that run along the entire piece of wood. These extra details give Ancient Spider Wood an aged appearance that will offer new scaping possibilities. Similar to spiderwood, Ancient Spider Wood will have just as much tangles and twist to provide a complex appearance.

These pieces of Ancient Spider Wood are cleaned and ready for use, but rinsing is always recommended. Like all aquarium wood, Ancient Spider Wood is buoyant and can float upon initial use. We recommend boiling the wood before use or allowing it to soak thoroughly before placing it in the aquarium. Soaking or boiling will allow the wood to become water logged and make scaping easier. If this isn't possible, a heavy rock can be used to weigh the wood down and later removed once the piece becomes waterlogged.

Driftwood can leech tannins which can cause a slight yellow or brown tint to your water.  This is natural and the effects will reduce over time. Boiling the wood prior to use can decrease the tannins leeching.  


Pictures do not represent the exact piece of Ancient Spider Wood being sold. Ancient Spider Wood pieces will vary in shape, size, and complexity.