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Aqua Worx Iota Kit - DIY Terrarium

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Size: Short
Style: Dragon Stone

The Aqua Worx Iota Kit will provide you with everything you need to create your own mini terrarium! To get you started, this kit will include the Aqua Worx Iota, a sleek cultivation and plant specimen container, hardscape, substrate, and plants. Step-by-step instruction setup and care guide will be included as well.

The design of the Iota was inspired by the basic principles of terrariums. The Iota specializes in providing a high humidity environment that couples well with its unique concaved lid. Condensation collecting on the lid, will create a natural drip system and provide the perfect environment for growing tropical plants. Handcrafted from quality glass, Iota is the perfect vessel for growing small, humidity-loving specimen such as miniature Orchids, Cryptocoryne, Anubias, Bucephalandra, and many more. 

Easy Care:

  • Mist thoroughly right after initial setup. Ensure that the substrate is completely damp.
  • Remove lid and mist plants thoroughly at least once every week.
  • Remove lid about once a week for a maximum of 30 minutes to provide aeration for plants.
  • Be sure to provide adequate light for your plants. The easy plants included in this kit can thrive next to a sunny window. However, it pairs perfectly with the ONF Mist O and ONF Mist O Stand Kit.
  • That's it! 


Stones and wood have been pre-selected to fit the Iota and will allow you to play with different hardscape variations. Plants included will be low-tech and chosen by our team depending on availability. Browse other plants to add to your Iota HERE.



Seiryu Stone 4 x 5" - 2 to 3 Seiryu Stones
- 2 pieces of driftwood
- Natural fine sand and crushed black OR red lava rock
- 2 plant portions (moss, buce, and/or anubias)
Dragon Stone 4 x 5" - 2 to 3 Dragon Stones
- 2 pieces of driftwood
- Natural fine sand and crushed black OR red lava rock
- 2 plant portions (moss, buce, and/or anubias)