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NOTICE: Please expect 1-2 business day shipping delay due to 4th of July.
NOTICE: Please expect 1-2 business day shipping delay due to 4th of July.

Moss Man - Bruce Planterson

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Common Name: Bruce Planterson, Christmas Moss, Vesicularia Sp. Montagnei

Bruce Planterson is here and waiting for his forever home! This moss man is aquarium ready and can be placed into your planted tank or freshwater aquarium right away. His limbs are pliable and can be gently bent to have him wave, sit and more. Covered in premium Christmas Moss, Bruce Planterson is beginner-friendly, perfect for a low-tech planted aquarium, and will be adaptable to a wide range of aquarium conditions.

Moss Man's measurements: 

  • Every moss man is unique. Keep in mind that each moss man is bendable and arms/legs can be extended further inward or outward. Measurements below are based on average.
  • Height range: 6-8"
  • Width range: 4-6"

Check him out in action in our recent spooky scape full of Cryptocoryne plants! 

More information on Christmas Moss (Vesicularia Sp. Montagnei):

Christmas moss (xmas moss) is a classic and staple in the planted aquarium hobby! Characterized by its bold green hue, it is a commonly used moss in many famous aquascapes. Aquarium moss, in general, has many different uses and can be utilized to recreate a variety of styles and can be used for multiple purposes in a planted tank. Most commonly, Christmas Moss is typically used to wrap aquascaping rocks or aquarium driftwood. The addition of moss to hardscape adds an aged look that is enjoyed by enthusiasts of all skill levels.

One of the most loved attributes of aquarium moss is its hardiness. Aquarium moss makes a wonderful beginner plant and is an easy introduction to keeping live aquatic plants. This plant provides excellent shade and coverage for shrimp and fish. It can be grown under a wide range of aquarium conditions and is recommended for breeders, beginners, and all.