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Coarse Natural Sand

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Size: 3 Pounds

Coarse natural sand is a beautiful choice for substrate in an aquarium. Completely inert, aquarium sand is a great choice for tanks that contain sensitive livestock or critters that enjoy sifting. Cosmetic sand does not alter water chemistry and provides a beautiful aesthetic to tropical beach or cliffside hardscape layouts.

Its mixture of beige, brown and cream tones produce a lovely contrast when paired with dark green aquarium plants such as Anubias, Bucephalandra, aquatic ferns and more. Nutrition tabs can also be used in tandem when planting in inert substrates to ensure aquatic plants have a quality source of nutrition for healthy growth.

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Buce Plant's Coarse Natural Sand is specifically made to be pet safe and suitable for aquariums, terrariums and more. This is the sand we use in many of our scapes!