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Save up to 30% on plants & aquascaping supplies here 💸

Dymax Black Bio Sponge

Original price $ 4.99 - Original price $ 17.99
Original price
$ 4.99
$ 4.99 - $ 17.99
Current price $ 4.99
Size: 1 Pack

The Dymax Black Bio Sponge is made of high quality, non-toxic material that works perfectly in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. This Bio Sponge is coarse and will filter out larger particles from the water column. In addition, this sponge offers a large amount of surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize on, helping to maintain a balanced aquarium chemistry.

Regular maintenance should be performed to keep the sponge in good working condition. Clean and rinse out the sponge in aquarium water and not tap water to avoid killing off the beneficial bacteria. The chlorines and chloramines in tap water are detrimental to the bacteria. Sponges are 32 x 12 cm and can be cut to the desired sizes. 


Size: 32 x 12CM
Includes: 2 sponges per package