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Tigerwood is a unique wood that features tree-like growth. The wood grows from one centralized stump and has many branches on one side, while the other side of the wood will have thicker growth. This allows the aquascaper a variety of ways to scape with this wood including nature-style, bonsai-tree style, jungle style, and many more. Tigerwood can also be used as central decor in an aquarium without any aquatic plants. 

*Driftwood will float for 1-3 weeks until it becomes waterlogged.  We recommend pre-soaking the wood until it sinks before using it in your aquarium.  For the impatient scaper's, try attaching a flat rock to the base of the driftwood. 

Important note: We recommend rinsing wood thoroughly before adding it to an established aquarium. If you prefer, you may also boil the wood for at least 1-2 hours to help release tannins.

Estimated Size Specifications L (inches):

XXS: 3-5"

XS: 6-8"

Estimated Size Specifications L x H (inches):

S: 8-10" 

M: 11-13"

L: 17-20" x 14-16"

XL: 18-20" x 15-18"

2XL: 20-24" x 13-16"

3XL: 20-22" x 20-24"

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