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Top Down New Leaf Buce

Top Down New Leaf Buce

Bucephalandra in aquariums are often displayed from a top down view, much like corals. It's easy to see why. The small dots and beautiful coloration from bucephalandra is truly unique to the species. Mature leaves show iridescent navy blues and magentas, while new leaf growth often consists of strawberry pinks and deep reds. The bucephalandra shown below have been in our tanks for about 3 months. You can tell as the newer leaves come in that their colors mature to a darker shade. These special plants really do stand out in an aquascape. 

We prefer to utilize bucephalandra in planted tanks as an accent plant and attached to wood. Buce really stand out when grown along some anubias and moss. Try some out for yourself and give your aquarium that natural aquascaped feel.


Hades top down
Bucephalandra Hades top down in a 30G bowfront
Top down view of new leaf growth on Bucephalandra Hades
Top down of Bucephalandra Hades new leaf growth.
Top Down Interzoo2016
Some bucephalandra mixed in with anubias nana petite


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