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Cellphone Photography Made Easy - Beginner's Guide to Post Processing

Cellphone Photography Made Easy - Beginner's Guide to Post Processing

Cellphones are progressing everyday and so are their cameras . This means sharing our full tank aquascaping shots and close ups of our bettas easier than ever. Today’s blog will give you beginner tips to edit the aquascape pictures straight on your mobile device. From small to large home layouts, this photo editor checklist can be applied to any aquascape.

Lets edit pictures!

Saturation: This is the color tone in an images subject. Overly saturated aquascape photos look un-genuine. Adjust this factor slightly. At the end, plants don’t look like Crayola’s in real-life. Make them glow but not too much.

Below is an example of this. Top picture is overly saturated and bottom is with the correct amount.


Contrast: This is easily adjustable on most phones prior to snapping a photo. Google search will tell you how to adjust this in your mobile device. Contrast should make your aquascape have a sense of depth. Enhancing hardscape, plant leaf and wood shadows naturally.

Below is an example of this. Top picture is overly contrasted and bottom is with the correct amount 


Brightness: Most times we use bright lights to accelerate plant growth and make colors stand out, so toning down brightness on photos will reduce bright white light reflecting off hardscape. This factor is important since overly brightened photos will cause your aquascpae gallery to not look its sharpest.


Protip- Below is a list of some awesome apps that you download for instant success

  • PS Express - Great for rotating and skewing pictures so that your tanks are aligned correctly
  • Lightroom - We use this app to adjust any exposure settings 
  • Instagram in app editor - Add some flare! Filters, filters, filters
  • Snap seed


In Conclusion, editing photos to have the right natural balance will produce a unique, stunning and beautiful photo gallery of your planted aquascape. Slight adjustments are always better than bigger.


Hope this makes the process easier!


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