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Buce Blog - Planted Tank Aquascaping Tips, How To, Advice

  • The Walstad Method Tank Guide

    The Walstad Method Tank Guide

     Written by: Tammy (@aquarist_tl) and Team Buce Plant   What if I told you it’s possible to set up a natural planted tank that does not require regular water changes or even a running filter once established? To many aquarists, this just...

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  • Heterandria Formosa Habitat Aquascape

    Heterandria Formosa Habitat Aquascape

    Written By: Chris (@shrimpery)   Heterandria formosa is the smallest live bearing fish and one of the world’s smallest vertebrates in general. Native to shallow planted areas at the water’s edge, they are a perfect fit for my pond-style aquascapes. Membership...

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  • 8 Tips for Your First High-Tech Aquarium

    8 Tips for Your First High-Tech Aquarium

    Written By: Chris (@shrimpery)   It is easy to get so carried away in the excitement of decorating your planted tank that you neglect to build a foundation for a sustainable setup. In particular, going the high-tech route can be particularly...

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  • professional aquascape

    7 Tips to Make Your Aquascape Look Professional

      Written By: Chris (@shrimpery)   Do you ever see a photograph of an aquascape that looks objectively great while still feeling a bit… off? The key elements (healthy plants, clear water, thoughtful hardscape) are all there, but something is undeniably...

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  • Top 5 Aquascaping Styles

    Top 5 Aquascaping Styles

    Written by: Chris (@shrimpery)   What do aquascaping and painting have in common? Besides being quarantine-friendly hobbies, there are many styles to work with in each. A skilled painter can evoke just as much meaning and beauty from an abstracted,...

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  • Dry Start Method Step by Step Guide

    Dry Start Method Step by Step Guide

    Written by Bryson and Team Buce Plant The initial weeks of starting a planted aquarium are often the most frustrating. You might experience plants that seem set on floating and sparse growth.  Let me introduce you to the dry start...

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