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Aquario Neo Shrimp Soil

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Neo Shrimp Soil by Aquario is the perfect medium for keeping freshwater shrimp species. Like Neo Soil, Aquario's Shrimp Soil also consists of two layers and many air pockets within the granules, allowing beneficial bacteria to thrive and serving as another form of filter media. Using it helps to increase the retention of shrimplets and improves color formation while strengthening the shell for full-grown shrimp.

Specially formulated, neo soil helps to deter ammonia buildup and also aids in the growth of aquatic plant species favored by shrimp such as ferns and mosses. It will also slightly lower pH. Containing the necessary properties, Neo Shrimp Soil helps to provide the necessary water parameters for the health and beauty of freshwater shrimp species.  

Water quality with Neo Soil for shrimp

DAY NH3/NH4(mg/l) NO2(mg/l) NO3(mg/l)
Original Water 0 0 0
After 7 day 0.25 0 12.5
After 14 day 0 0 12.5
After 21 day 0 0 12.5


Spread the soil in a thin layer, then put Neo Plants Tab or other fertilizer, if necessary. and pour the rest of it – low at the front high at the back and fill. Use an item such as cling wrap or the soil packaging to diffuse the water gently. Do not wash this soil. 


  • Grain size of 3 mm
  • Great for planted shrimp aquariums and shrimp breeding
  • Enriched with beneficial bacteria
  • Contains microelements and humic acids
  • Positive effect on color and shell strength
  • Soil particles with many micropores for enhanced microbial colonisation
  • Slightly reduces the pH
  • Adsorbing effect for crystal clear water