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Ultum Nature Systems Disposable CO2 Cartridge

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Size: 1 Pack

This disposable CO2 Cartridge makes refills quick and painless. 90 grams per cartridge, simply swap it out, reconnect a new cartridge and your planted aquarium will have a new supply of CO2. CO2 injection is an optional addition to a planted tank, but using it will help to encourage lush and even growth for aquatic plants. Frequently used with our UNS Mini Dual Stage CO2 Regulator as a convenient source of CO2. 

This listing comes with the CO2 cartridge ONLY! Pair this disposable CO2 cartridge with the Disposable CO2 Cartridge Holder to ensure it remains safely upright and moveable. 


  • This item is available for purchase to the lower 48 states of the US ONLY and must be shipped via UPS ground. Shipping via express or air methods is unavailable.
  • 90 grams per cartridge
  • This disposable CO2 Cartridge is compatible with UNS CO2 Regulator models from 2020 to present. Alternative and older UNS regulator models are not compatible with these replacement CO2 cartridges.

Cartridge is designed to be used for Ultum Nature Systems Regulators and may not fit all regulator types