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SL-Aqua Z2 Aquarium Plant Protector

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Aquarium Plant Protector Z2 by SL-Aqua is an essential item in the planted aquarist's cabinet. This specialized formula is made from all-natural plant extracts that act as algae clearing agents in an aquarium. Effective on many strains and types of algae, SL Aqua Aquarium Plant Protector Z2 doesn't affect water quality, will not kill beneficial bacteria and is safe to use with freshwater fish and shrimp species. *Z2 is not safe for snails*

Dosage Instructions and Notes:

  1. Measure 2 spoonfuls per 13.02G (50L) of water.
  2. Please do not use alternative measuring instruments other than the provided spoon.
  3. Each treatment cycle lasts 1 full week. Do not change water during the treatment's duration.
  4. If treating for Planaria or Hydra, repeat the treatment a second time.
  5. Discontinue use once Planaria and Hydra has been removed

Size: 10g