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Twinstar Algae Inhibitor

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Size: M5

The Twinstar Nano Algae Inhibitor is designed to prevent the growth of green algae in the aquarium by eliminating and reducing spore production. This device is safe for live plants, fish and aerobic bacteria. Its microbubbles provide a sterilizing factor that destroys the cell wall of green algae without harming the natural biological environment within an aquarium. Because algae and plants share similar growth requirements, they are constantly in competition with each other. When you reduce the number of algae present in an aquarium, you allow the plant to receive more light and absorb more nutrients. The Twinstar Algae Inhibitor thereby promotes plant growth by reducing algae. The effect may see increases in plant growth up to 50%!

The best way to combat algae growth is to achieve a carefully balanced aquarium with proper lighting and nutrient levels. Preventing algae growth from the spore level will give aquarium plants the upper hand in competing for crucial nutrients. Please note, this device will not cure, remove and prevent algae growth alone. It is recommended to use in combination with good maintenance habits for best results. 

Certified by the Korea National Institute of Fisheries Science for its sterilization effects on thread algae, spot algae, brown algae, and more. 

Model  Tank Size Compatible Replacement Disk
Twinstar M3 5-13G (50L) Twinstar M5 Reactor
Twinstar M5 5-31G (100L)
Twinstar M5 Reactor
Twinstar Nano 13-48G (180L) Twinstar M7 Reactor
Twinstar Nano + 13-66G (250L) Twinstar M9 Reactor

Effective Against:

  • Hair/Thread Algae
  • Brown Algae
  • Blue Green (BGA/Cyanobacteria)
  • Fuzz Algae
  • Green Dust Algae
  • Green Spot Algae

Ineffective Against:

  • Green Water
  • Black Brush/Black Beard Algae