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Twinstar Reactor - Replacement Disc Only

Original price $ 59.99 - Original price $ 68.99
Original price
$ 59.99
$ 59.99 - $ 68.99
Current price $ 59.99
Size: M5

Twinstar Reactors are replacement disks for your Algae Inhibitor, Yotta Fish Disease Inhibitor and more. These devices work to prevent the growth of pesky algae and keep your tank inhabitants healthy and free from disease. Read below to see which reactor is compatible with your device.

Twinstar Algae Inhibitor:

The Twinstar Nano algae inhibitor is specifically designed to prevent the growth of algae in an aquarium. Don't be fooled by the fake knock offs currently being put on the market, this is the real deal! Twinstar has devoted much time and effort to this proprietary technology and the results are evident. The algae inhibitor works by sterilizing the water column and destroying algae spores before it grows to cover your aquascape.  

The best way to combat algae growth is to achieve a carefully balanced aquarium with proper lighting and nutrient levels. However, for those who don't have the time, knowledge or expertise in achieving this, the Twinstar Algae Inhibitor is a godsend. It is proven to improve plant growth while being safe for both fish and shrimp.

Twinstar Yotta Fish Disease Inhibitor:

Twinstar Yotta is a powerful sterilizer that aids in the prevention of common fish diseases. These products work by eliminating pathogens found in the water column along with mold spores that may find their way into the aquarium. The Twinstar Yotta is designed to have no impact on biological balances within the aquarium tank and is safe to use with tropical fish and shrimp species.

M5 Reactor
This is a replacement reactor for TWINSTAR2: M5 / M3 / Shrimp 50 / Shrimp. 30. It is also compatible with the TWINSTAR1: S5 / S3 models.

  • S5
  • S3
  • M5
  • M3

M7 Reactor:
This is a replacement reactor for TWINSTAR2: NANO / YOTTA.
It is also compatible with the TWINSTAR1: Mini / Mini S / Shrimp.

  • Nano
  • Yotta

M9 Reactor: 
This is a replacement reactor for TWINSTAR2: NANO+ / YOTTA+.
It is also compatible with the TWINSTAR1: NANO / Super S models.

  • Nano+
  • Yotta+


**Replacement disc only, does not include the actual Twinstar Algae Inhibitor.