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UNS 35E - Foresta Integrated Paludarium

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Ultum Nature Systems Foresta is an all-in-one integrated paludarium system equipped with built-in filtration, a cascading waterfall wall, and UNS Atomizer. The included Ultum Nature Systems Atomizer adds a cooling mist effect, which is ideal for cultivating aquatic and terrestrial plants that require humidity or tropical conditions to thrive.

The Foresta paludarium tank utilizes a three-chambered filtration system at the back of the tank, followed by a cascading waterfall wall to reintroduce clean water into the tank. The integrated triple chamber includes a USB-powered water pump, Ultum Nature Systems Atomizer, and coarse aquarium sponges. The sponge pads can absorb water and are placed on the back wall, providing a suitable environment for moss and plants, which can be attached to the pads with the included thread. The tank also features two vents that direct mist downward, creating a constantly cool and humid environment ideal for tropical terrestrial plants. 

This allows hobbyists to seamlessly blend aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems for a one-of-a-kind aquascaping experience. For the plant wall, we recommend a variety of Mosses, Anubias, Ferns, and of course Bucephalandra!

Every tank includes a black leveling mat that is crucial for tank stability. 

Size and Specifications:

Combined (LxWxH): 13.78 x 13.78 x 17.72"
Paludarium (LxWxH): 13.78 x 10.63 x 17.72"
Filter Chamber (LxWxH): 13.78 x 3.15 x 17.72"
Pump Max Flow Rate: 47GAL/Hr
Pump Cord Length: 13.78"
Max Lift: 39IN
Power Specifications & Rating: DC5VA / IPX8
Volume: 3 gal [Paludarium] / 5 gal [Chamber]

Foresta Includes:

  • Paludarium
  • Atomizer Mist Maker Set
  • Atomizer Bracket
  • Water Pump (USB-A, adapter included)
  • Outflow Pipe
  • 3x Bio Sponge Filter Media
  • 6x Foresta Mat Plant Pads
  • Foresta Line - Plant Thread
  • Chamber Lid