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Christmas Moss on Foresta Mat

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Common names: Xmas Moss, Vesicularia montagnei

Christmas moss, also known as Xmas moss, holds a timeless appeal as a staple in the world of planted aquariums. With its striking green color, this moss has found a special place in numerous renowned aquascapes. The versatility of aquarium moss, in general, offers a myriad of possibilities for recreating various styles and serving multiple purposes within a planted tank.

A favorite choice among aquascapers, Christmas Moss is frequently used to adorn aquascaping rocks and aquarium driftwood. The moss's addition to hardscapes imparts an aged and captivating look, attracting enthusiasts of all experience levels. Moreover, moss plays a significant role in breeding projects, offering valuable coverage for fry. It's worth noting that there are several types of aquarium moss, each featuring distinct growth patterns and unique fronds. One cherished aspect of aquarium moss is its remarkable hardiness, making it an excellent plant for beginners and a seamless entry point into the world of live aquatic plants.

This Foresta mat comes pre-planted and is ready to be placed in your tank or the Ultum Nature Systems Foresta Integrated Paludarium. Foresta Mats provide a quality foundation for aquatic and terrestrial plants. Plants on this Foresta Mat includes Christmas Moss and is ready to be embellished with additional plants such as Anubias, Bucephalandra or Ferns. 

The surface of Foresta Mats retain the ideal amount of water to support attached species while remaining permeable for essential air flow. When paired with the UNS Foresta, the user is able to quickly create a beautiful live plant wall.

Mat Dimensions: 4 (L) x 0.8 (W) x 4 (H) inches
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  • Christmas Moss is extremely hardy and a fantastic choice for beginner hobbyists.
  • Trim moss to achieve a compact appearance.