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Crinum Calamistratum

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Type: Bulb

Crinum Calamistratum is an interesting bulbaceous plant that originates from Central Africa. This is a unique plant that can be characterized by the thin, ruffled leaves growing out of an onion-like bulb. It is one of the smaller types of Crinum but the leaves can still grow quite tall, making it a suitable background plant for large and small tanks alike.  

This variant of Crinum grows pretty slowly and can benefit from the addition of CO2 supplementation.  It can be propagated by removing and replanting smaller daughter plants from the main bulb. This plant can produce beautiful white flowers that bloom above the water column. It is said that high light, soft water and the addition of CO2 can help with enticing this plant to flower.

Family: Amaryllidaceae

Region: Central Africa

pH: 6-7.5

Care: Moderate

Light: Moderate to High

Co2: Recommended 

Propagation: Daughter bulbs