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3 weeks until Bucemas 🎅 Save 10% on gifts here!

Miscellaneous Water Lily

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Common Name: Water Lily

Water Lilies are a beautiful edition to any indoor or outdoor pond. The round leaves sit on the surface of the water and are supported by a long stalk. The leaves provide great coverage for fish and will help keep the water cool. Lily bulbs start producing leaves in early spring and will produce flowers throughout the summer months. These flowers will last 3-5 days and can range from yellow, pink, white, or orange in color. A seed pod will begin to form after the petals have fallen. Since seed pods take a lot of energy, it is recommended to cut the flower stalk if possible.

Hardy Lily Bulbs can survive the through the winter as long as the bulb does not freeze over. If needed they can be taken out of the water and kept in a bag full of damp sand and peat moss at 50-55 F. Ideal growing conditions include full sun and a nutrient rich substrate. Fertilizer tabs can be placed in the soil yearly to replenish the substrate as needed. Rhizomes should be planted at a 45 degree angle and only be partially covered. It is important to keep the growing tip above the substrate. Plants can be grown 1-2 feet below the water surface. Rhizomes can be divided as a form of propagation. 


  • Water Lilies are aquatic plants, and will not survive in terrarium environments
  • Water Lilies should be overwintered indoors in freezing conditions.
  • Flower colors are random and will either be yellow, pink, white, or orange
  • Do not completely bury rhizomes as this may cause the rhizome to rot
  • Each plant is different and photos should be used as a reference
  • Proper research should be done before purchasing plants.

Family Name: Nyphaeaceae

Native: Asia

Size:  4-8inch bulbs

Ph: 6.5-7.5

Temperature: 50-85 F

Care: Easy

Light: Full Light

Propagation: Herbaceous division

Growth rate: Fast