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Ophiopogon Japonicus Aquatic Farmer Tissue Culture

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Common Name: Mondo Grass Dwarf Lily Turf

Characterized by beautiful green blades that resemble a lush lawn of grass, Ophiopogon Japonicus is a great bog plant originating from Asia. This particular plant species is not a true aquatic plant and should be kept in terrariums, paludariums or any other high-humidity setup. Mondo Grass does not require too much lighting and is partial to shaded areas as well. We would recommend using it as a background plant choice in a pond/bog style planted aquarium. When provided with good care, Ophiopogon Japonicus will reward you with dense tufts of beautiful growth.

Family Name: Liliaceae

Origin: Asia

Height: 6-12”

pH: 5.5-7.5

Care: Medium 

Light: Moderate 

Co2: Recommended

Propagation: Cut lateral runners and replant

Growth rate: Slow