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Orange Poso Rabbit Snails

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Scientific Name: Tylomelania Gemmifera "Orange"
Common Name:
 Rabbit Snail, Orange Poso Rabbit Snail

Orange Poso Rabbit Snails Tylomelania are arguably one of the most attractive snails in the aquarium hobby. This snail features a yellowish orange body with a long spiraled shell that alternates in black and brown tones. Rabbit snails reproduce very slowly and can be added to the aquarium without fear of it becoming invasive. The Orange Poso Rabbit Snail has a long, wrinkled snout and is a great scavenger for leftover food or algae. This freshwater snail is peaceful and can be paired with any livestock that will not harm them. It should be noted that these snails come from warm waters, so a stable temperature is highly recommended for good health. Having some shady areas or places to hide is preferable as a bare, open tank with bright lighting is not ideal for these critters.

When choosing tank mates for your newest additions, avoid species that eat snails and that will outcompete them for food. These include Loaches, Crayfish, Large Cichlids, Goldfish, and other larger species. We prefer keeping our Rabbit snails in most of our Buce tanks along with Amano Shrimp, Neocardina Shrimp, Caridina Shrimp, Oticinclus, Siamese Algae Eaters, Tetras, Cories, Bettas and other peaceful fish. 

Freshwater Snail Notes
Click here for a complete Rabbit Snail care guide

  • Stable temperatures and consistent tank maintenance are recommended.
  • Minimum tank size recommendation is 3-5G for snails.
  • We don't recommend smaller tanks as snails produce a large amount of waste that will add to the tank's bio-load.